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How To Shuck Corn

Posted on 06 July 2012 by admin     

Here is a great tip on cleaning ears of corn. Be sure to visit Cooking With Jack on Facebook.

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  1. FanOblues51 Says:

    It is completely cooked when it slides out of the husks.? ALL COOKED.

  2. FanOblues51 Says:

    What dirt? There is? no dirt inside corn husks.

  3. SuperEllie87 Says:

    Ewww thats gross wash it..?

  4. rTNips Says:

    this is? so helpful 😀

  5. snupers Says:

    Thats freaking disgusting, with the shell on you are not able? to wash the corn! and all the dirt will still be there….

  6. TwookYT Says:

    Go TN!!!? What part were you in? I live in the nashville area.

  7. JonO387 Says:

    Next could you do:How? to boil water? And then proceed to make a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together so you could boil said water, only to use the fire to cook a hot dog instead of even boiling the water. This is how to cook corn in the microwave, not how to shuck corn.

  8. 00Magicmaster Says:


  9. metamorfoggie Says:

    MY LIFE IS DIFFERENT NOW. Thank you so much! ?

  10. slowride55 Says:

    All you do is grab the top part of the tassels and peel it all down to the stock, then? just snap it off

  11. JoeyJoeJoe5000 Says:

    Ha!? Thats awesome!

  12. TonixTech Says:

    usually between 325 and 350. use the top rack so they dont scortch. Temp? just depends on how many ears you throw in there.

  13. DragnSly Says:

    what temperature would? the oven be set on?

  14. FrailShiver Says:

    What is the power? setting on your microwave? I have a low power 700 watt.

  15. jakatak69 Says:

    great additional? tip. Love it. Thanks.

  16. MsJenny813 Says:

    OMG, awesome trick! Thanks for sharing =)?

  17. TonixTech Says:

    I like that method when I’m in a hurry, but another? country boy trick for “roastnears” as my grandpa would call them is to take the whole thing, pop it in the oven for 20 minutes, and it would peel just as easy and have almost a grilled crunchy texture.

  18. russwelday Says:

    Corn silk.?

  19. BlindGuardian050 Says:

    Haha nice never knew? it would be so easy.

  20. jakatak69 Says:

    that honestly was yellow corn, but we also have lots of white corn too. white corn out here is so sweet,? you don’t need butter

  21. jakatak69 Says:

    after all my research i went with the Sontuka 7″ Shun. My friend is a Cordon Bleau Chef and? she has had her’s for 10 years. it looks brand new. watch my knife skills video.

  22. jakatak69 Says:

    yes. fully cooked. very sweet for yellow corn?

  23. jakatak69 Says:

    what a? great idea.

  24. jakatak69 Says:

    thanks. I am blown away about it too. the corn comes out so sweet.?

  25. jakatak69 Says:

    I will. She is so awesome. I could stay a week at her house. She let me take photos? of her recipe book. be ready.