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How To trim Spare Ribs for a St Louis Style Barbecue

Posted on 27 August 2012 by admin     

Save some money when purchasing Barbecue Ribs at the meat market. Watch how easy it is to trim up your own pork Spare Ribs, Saint Louis Style, as shown by one of the BBQ Pit Boys! You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at www.BBQPit —

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  1. CowboyJack44 Says:

    Pit Boys, I have to say I love your videos. They are very informative. I got a question for ya from down here in? South Carolina. After you trim off the ribs, how do you prepare the meat that was trimmed?

  2. jtlbb2 Says:

    Pit Boys: why do people cut their spare ribs this way? It seems like it would be better not to to? have meatier ribs… is it just for looks?

  3. ardoinjc Says:

    I got to say these are some of the most entertaining and informative videos on Youtube for people who love to grill. I am so grateful to all the work you put into these videos and for uploading them. Makes me want to go light the grill? right now and it’s 3am !

  4. redsoxyeargmail Says:

    what do you do with the? trimings?

  5. chrisroe77 Says:

    Hey you can get that membrane off easy, along? with some of the fat around the seams with some catfish pliers. you can get that membrane in one or two pieces with those things!

  6. RManFlint Says:

    St. Louis BBQ sucks. Why don’t you show us how to make ? Mickey D’s cheeseburger?

  7. lwvok Says:

    werev you get your meat from its all so fu*king big anyway now cookingthe shit out my bbq after watcing your vids…… thanks ?

  8. WVUrockerBoy Says:

    that’s a old hickory knife 10 inch? butcher… i got the same one, very handy

  9. 9037442435 Says:

    uhhh? pornhub was getting boring anyways………

  10. SuperJadeDragon Says:

    Thanks the information was helpful to? me. i did it for the first time today!

  11. chrspace Says:

    pagiuga meno con le dita che a? vederti fa schifo, e poi tirati su le maniche della camicia

  12. starshooter1003 Says:

    I loved the video instruction. After watching, I bought an entire rack of spare ribs, then trimmed it out and used the back ribs to smoke. I took the riblets that were trimmed off, and cooked them? with rice to make a spicy southern favorite dish “pork and rice”. The whole spare was so much cheaper than just the back ribs. The full spare was $1.69 per pound and the back ribs alone were $3.35 per pound. Great savings! Great video!

  13. opasnyper69 Says:


    man i have enough saliba to? fill up a sea!

  14. BarbecueWeb Says:

    hey Crisgo3d, many pit houses/restaurants don’t remove the membrane, but competition pit boys will. Removing the membrane makes for a real tender? rib. -BBQ Pit Boys

  15. Crisgo3d Says:

    I have found that taking the membrane off really does make the meat tender and fall off? the bones good.

  16. BarbecueWeb Says:

    sure can, but if you remove? it, the ribs will take on the rub better, and be more tender!

  17. dockdrop Says:

    can you? cook it with the membrane on? what is the difference?

  18. beware187 Says:

    now this is a bad-ass recipe? for real men!

  19. BarbecueWeb Says:

    -our shepherd was always treated to some good meat and trimmings after guarding the? grill against all predators at the BBQ!

  20. BarbecueWeb Says:

    -a healthy mind and spirit is far? superior to a healthy body….don’t let the fat police scare ya! Life is too short to not enjoy a little great tastin’ fat!

  21. BarbecueWeb Says:

    bbq it up along side the ribs, although it will not be as tender, and have? a different texture, it will be mighty good tastin’!

  22. aznPr0krastn8or4lyfe Says:

    what do you do with all the trimmed? off meat?

  23. chronofox12 Says:

    Getting rid of the? fat? Didn’t know you were so health conscious.

  24. freitasex Says:

    Now? that was awesome, thank you!

  25. 40rever Says:

    hey BarbecueWeb
    i would like to tanks you very much.
    since i seen you’re videos i? started to cook just like you everyday. you are truly an inspiration. thanks again and keep posting you’re videos. hope to see you soon


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