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Howl at the Moon Shooter

Posted on 14 October 2010 by admin     

We’re mixing butterscotch with crown royal whiskey and an orange juice chaser. The end result? Something that reminds me of Sunday morning breakfast: pancakes!

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  1. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @th3cr34tor that’s an absinthe fountain.

  2. th3cr34tor Says:

    WOW… what is that thing behind you!!! I want one too 😛

  3. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @rjknox555 which, if you go to google right now and type “alaskan duck fart” you’ll see I rank #1 (or at least I do right now) — we’ve done that one and people loved it.

  4. rjknox555 Says:

    crown topped with bailys is called a DUCK FART

  5. TacoBill35 Says:

    Just tried this last weekend.. it was a hit at the party! Pancake Shooter FTW!

  6. TheVoyeure Says:

    was looking what would go with my maple cream from angostura ca inc. made in manitoba, let’s do it! I have layered it on maple sirop and topped it with dark rhum and was good enough

  7. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @annemhsingmom Yes, it’s all about the aftertaste!

  8. annemhsingmom Says:

    tried this last weekend – your right does taste like pancakes but only in the after taste? I don’t know. Just didn’t at first. Had fun trying it! =)

  9. everydaydrinkers Says:

    I’m not sure it will give the same properties of pancake but I’d try it if I were you. If you’re in Ireland and can’t find Canadian whiskey I’d say that’s okay. You’ve got scotch and irish whisky, I’d be happy with those!

  10. ADFreekicks Says:

    could i use Jameson or Bushmills instead of crown? id say its hard to find crown in ireland….

  11. everydaydrinkers Says:

    Bacon…shot… ew.

  12. everydaydrinkers Says:

    Oh you do. Yes you do!

  13. RNOmusic Says:

    lol this is a little iffy to me…i dont want pancake flavored drinks…id try it once tho!

  14. TacoBill35 Says:

    Dammit, now I have to go buy some Crown and try this. lol

  15. wreckermaster13 Says:

    is there a bacon shot………they say breakfast is the most important part of the day.

  16. FightingGeese23 Says:

    i want a funnel cake shooter lol

  17. dandywankers Says:

    lol i wanna try the pancake shooter!

  18. sweetrevelation Says:

    I love when shots taste like something, like the Tootsie Roll. Always makes me go, “Whoa” and it’s just… awesome.


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