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I Challenge MsBurpy To Try This Recipe

Posted on 02 April 2012 by admin     

Made me feel like hurling..

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  1. happyis20 Says:

    Awe poor Squirrel? That was nice shot gun though 🙂

  2. 1DRock37167 Says:

    Lets? go hunt!

  3. Sttubbs Says:

    Ew,? celery! Blech.

  4. warmgulfwind Says:

    I hate this woman. I want her hunted down and shot out of a? tree. SteveTheIdiotSlayer

  5. MsBurpy Says:

    OK!!! I made it to 1:21……..
    I’m a LOVER not a FIGHTER…… And when I was in the Good Ol’ US of A I saw my FIRST squirrel….. Now you think I should kill? and cook one???!!
    If it was an EX up a tree… FOR SURE I’d shoot him and ~ Probably wouldn’t waste my time cooking him though!!

  6. Clonetrooper87 Says:

    I dunno why the Western world is so picky about? what it eats. We’re already eating animals that are smarter than dogs (pigs) voraciously, but the thought of eating squirrels or bugs is disgusting?

  7. jasminequeentagaholi Says:

    well in that case then you better be on? that island too so you can cook it and penny can keep me looking nice

  8. SugarInHisBlood Says:

    I dunno.. they might only have squirrel on the deserted island..?

  9. jasminequeentagaholi Says:

    ummm can i have? beef instead hun hugs kisses

  10. royalschwarz Says:

    Nu uh.? Stopped at 40 seconds and I ain’t goin any further…

  11. gilbertblaze Says:

    it shouldn’t….I’m sure? they taste nice and chewy….just think about sinking your teeth into one of those little suckers…Mmmmmmm

  12. SugarInHisBlood Says:

    It made me sick!?


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