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Instant Khaman

Posted on 29 January 2011 by admin     

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  1. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Hi Priyanka!
    I have never made in microwave. The ingredients remain the same but you have to keep an eye on it if you make in microwave since I have no idea how long it takes. Try to make with very small amount first and hopefully you get success.

  2. priyanka1875 Says:

    Hi Bhavana I really like your recipe but need to know can i make the same in microwave? If yes than how much time will it take and the proportion of ingredients will remain same?

  3. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Glad to hear that. Keep enjoying.

  4. deeps786 Says:

    Hi Bhavana , i tried this recipe and it turn out gr8 i just dont have words to describe . you are best ……. before i tried lot of dhokla recipe and it didnt work as yours , my husband and me love dhoklas , Thanks for sharing with us, now whenever i feel to eat i just made it. Thank you again.

  5. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Dissolve baking soda in water and add that to batter. Enjoy!

  6. marivien1 Says:

    Is there a substitute fie ENO?

  7. kinjal272 Says:

    Hi Bhavna I tried making your dishes and they turned out to be great.? My husband and my children love mexican food and they enjoyed eating it. Can you give me the recipe of Enchilada sauce and Enchilada seasoning. We dont get these here and also tell me what herbs are there in the Taco seasoning.

    So please help me with that.

  8. SuperVeggieDelight Says:


  9. deepa7885 Says:

    love ur T shirt 🙂

  10. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    All the ingredients you asked about can be bought at Indian grocers. Enjoy!

  11. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    You can use regular pot with plates in it. Anything can work. You just need pot and plate that fits in. hope this helps. Enjoy!

  12. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Pakora recipe is already on this channel. I have shown assorted pakora recipes in just one video. Enjoy!

  13. babygyalk Says:

    Great recipe as always, can i ask if you could make pakora pls lol x

  14. gsupraja Says:

    how i can steam the khaman i dont have a pot like u

  15. gsupraja Says:

    where can i buy gud which u used in peanut burfi

  16. gsupraja Says:

    where can i buy citri acid any option other than citric acid

  17. gsupraja Says:

    where can i buy citri acid any option other than citric acid

  18. KissinAndTellin Says:

    @SuperVeggieDelight Thank you, now I understand!

  19. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    If you use baking soda, be very careful. Just add 1/4 tsp for 1 cup of besan.

  20. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    I am very much into food that I love to mix and match so keep enjoying.

  21. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Please watch video I have shown for surti khamani. You will sure love it and enjoy it.

  22. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Great tip…I usually use my hand blender…but for this video, I chose to do with hand. Enjoy!

  23. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Lime juice….enjoy!

  24. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Big difference and only tradtional people know it very well. Khaman is made from dal only usually bengal gram dal or besan(chick pea flour) while Dhokla contais rice and dal. I understand that to make instant dhokla, it is made from sooji and corn but traditional dhoklas are made from fermented rice and dal batter. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  25. KissinAndTellin Says:

    What’s the difference between khaman and dhokla? Thanks!


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