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Instant Oats Idli recipe

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Brijesh     

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  • Eswari krishnan

    I’m glad you like the recipe.Hope? you enjoy it with your kids .

  • Ramesh V.K.

    very healthy recipe toooooooooooo? goodddddddddddddddddd

  • gmjyothsna

    thks a ton dear…my 3 yr old is a? piggy eater and she needs varieties….she likes Idlis.i got ur instant recipie….wil surely try it!!

  • Eswari krishnan

    @Nidhi kharvi,thank you for taking time and commenting on the video,regarding your Q:I have? only used cracked wheat in this recipe maybe ,suji or cream of wheat will work as well ,let me know the results,hope this helps ,all the best .

  • Nidhi Kharvi

    hey wat if we don’t use cracked wheat?? wat is d alternative? for it??

  • Eswari krishnan

    @ asianlite Thankyou for watching the video regarding your Q :the baking soda can sure be replaced with baking powder ” its just that the idlis need some kind of chemical leavening,any one of the above will do the? job.Hope this helps.

  • asianlite6

    Hi? , can we use baking powder instead of baking soda?Thanx…god bless

  • eonorez3

    thx…i will try dis today, glad its? godi rava…godi rava is also high in protein…thx for sharing recipe n answerin my q!

  • Eswari krishnan

    Thanks eonorez for? watching the video and commenting , regarding your Q:yes cracked weat is godhi rawa also known as daliya in hindi.hope this helps

  • eonorez3

    what is cracked wheat…? is it? godhi rava???

  • Eswari krishnan

    @sweet257s85 thankyou for taking time and commenting on the video,I have only used baking soda in this recipe? so far.Yeast sure will fermentate the mixture but the results are not known .So if you plan to use yeast ,then do a small batch- say like 3 to 4 idlis and please let me know .all the best.

  • sweet257s85

    Is it? ok to use yeast instead of baking soda for fermenting

  • sweet257s85

    Is it ok to use? yeast to ferment instead of baking soda.

  • sweta7948

    Hey wonderful recipe Buddy:) Thank you.. used to make? oats adai but not idlis:)

  • Eswari krishnan

    @girlcool3 Thanks for taking the time and commenting on the video.,about your question on the pot,I don’t have the traditional one so I use this pot,it came as a set of 4 ,it’s called stockpot and the thing on the lid tells the temperature .If you want? one look for a deal at : )

  • girlcool3

    Hi, Thanks for the great recipe. Can you tell me more about the pot you are using to? keep your idli plates. It has some number in the lid. Is it a timer?

  • Malini K

    easy? and healthy breakfast

  • Eswari krishnan

    Thanks for your lovely? comments Sundariprabu.The baking soda in this recipe is for obtaining supple and soft Idlis,I understand that you want to use natural ingredients,but as these are “instant” idlis they need some kind of chemical leavening …you can try reducing the amount or try without using any , do let me know how they turn out . thanks for subscribing :)

  • Sundari Prabu

    Wonderful wonderful recipe? !! Is there any way to avoid the baking soda though? Like add extra sour curd, or butter milk, or lime juice or something like that?

  • vinnyy1789

    great recipe!!?

  • vj0509

    oh ok.. thank? u!!

  • Eswari krishnan

    thank you for your comments.these idlis unlike the regular rice once are not fermented so any kind of chemical leavening will help,so it can either be baking soda or baking powder, all? works the same .

  • vj0509

    awesome recipe! was looking for this!? is it 1/3rd tsp of baking pwdr or baking soda? thank u very much……