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Jack U – Brine

Posted on 05 November 2012 by admin     

Do you want Jack to answer a question or do a recipe? Be sure to submit it at Jack’s cooking community at

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  1. Stereotypeblackguy Says:

    Ha Jack U. If I didn’t respect your Show so much like I? do I would make a sex pun to this..oh wait…

  2. MrJaxreid Says:

    I? love his uniform

  3. Zylstra555 Says:

    Ah! I thought it was some lame sub-company from General Motors! You should add the full name below the logo so people may be more inclined to find out what it? is.

    Brine is also used in the process of pickeling.

  4. Tha7RandomDude Says:

    The thumbnail picture looks like a balding man’s? head

  5. Tha7RandomDude Says:

    The thumbnail picture looks like? a bald man’s head

  6. FueledByAllen Says:

    Thanks, Jack!?

  7. jakatak69 Says:

    the more flavoring you add, the more it changes into a marinade.? Salt and water is your basic brine. It’s used to clean and preserve the meat.

  8. FueledByAllen Says:

    Hey Jack, love the videos. I was? just wondering if Brine is the same thing as a Marinade.

  9. TheVittleVlog Says:

    Nice!!!? Thanks!!

  10. billynightmare Says:

    ok now i know your just maiking up as you go? along and hoping for the best

  11. greenlight2600 Says:

    Lol JACK? U….

  12. mzkhilari Says:

    Recipie for? Tandoori Chicken!!! =)

  13. azntranc3951 Says:


    Since a lot of people are asking what GM Entertainment is, do the next? Jack U on “GM Entertainment” LOL

  14. Msjanedoe124 Says:

    Slick logo at the end there!? 🙂

  15. Rarrin9378 Says:


  16. defect530 Says:

    remake pickles! please.?

  17. jakatak69 Says:

    GM Entertainment is my production company. it’s short? for GiveMe Entertainment.

  18. GodZirraAnim Says:

    half? assed comment

  19. jakatak69 Says:

    Jack U sounds like? someone’s taking your car. LOL

  20. jakatak69 Says:

    GiveMe Entertainment is my production? company

  21. tomlinid Says:

    Brine is also used in organic chemistry to seperate out an? emulsion of a hydrocarbon solvent such as ether and water.

  22. MadameRaven Says:

    It’s also used to pack Feta? cheese 🙂

  23. Jonesman08 Says:

    Jack, please,? its summer…no more school.

  24. Chadslikeenough Says:

    its his company or whatever? . i dont know . but it stands for GiveMe Entertainment

  25. alld4wypur Says:

    Hey? could you do something on a Monte Kristo.


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