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Posted on 06 March 2011 by admin     

See Me in Oakland: Natures Botanical Pharmacy International Orders: (941) 766-8068 Tell em Dan The Man sent you! 😉 April Juice Feast: Digital Download! http * RAW FOOD RECIPES on DVD! * SHOP * JUICERS http * BOOKS * WEIGHT LOSS http * ENZYMES * PROBIOTICS http * DONATIONS * RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT http * RAW FOOD RECIPES on DVD! * SHOP . .

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  1. bliudelis Says:

    @liferegenerator wait wait wait… If your such a healthy earth child, eating raw foods, why would you need any suplements then? Oh that’s right, you don’t get such thing like vit b3 and iron, so that’s why you eat pills. Very natural very… 😀

  2. xtopny Says:

    What a homophobic comment about the flowers. Real spiritual there!

  3. mzdiplomat1 Says:

    Can we get a pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) video, health tips and recipes?

  4. starchild582 Says:

    Dan…Breville should sponsor you as you ALREADY ARE SELLING more juicers for them than anyone…I vote yes to your prosperity.

  5. kirstenguest Says:

    love you

  6. katem1202 Says:

    @liferegenerator people really dont understand the way that the internet works! its a fantastic way to educate people and get a msg across! its a great way to advertise aswell. why is there a problem with dan promoting products that he BELIEVES WILL HELP people?!?!? we WANT to know. lady gaga can shove a virgin mobile and some diet coke in her film clips and there is no heart in it – THAT is a sell out. GIVING ADVICE AND HELPING PEOPLE IS A GREAT QUALITY AND MORE PEOPLE SHOULD DO IT!

  7. Gamergurl89 Says:

    @liferegenerator (: Didn’t know you were considering our COLLEGE! Don’t worry, Daddy! I’ve got a grant that will pay for me for up to FOUR YEARS of College, paying for my books and EVERYTHING! So long as I stay at a C average in High school (So easy! :D), it’s all good. Hopefully they still have this program when Kati’s in 7th and 8th Grade! Love you<3

  8. CindaNJ Says:

    Dan: Where is the recipe for this juice? It wasn’t written below your video. Thank you. Cinda

  9. SecretPearls Says:

    @liferegenerator Don’t let others tell you, your not supposed to be successful… who wrote that rule book? Keep up the good work and remember, A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. You help so many people, I see nothing wrong with this vid. Actually I found this one to be the best one yet!

  10. SecretPearls Says:

    @liferegenerator that responce was sexy… oh so manley… lol

  11. aroneous Says:

    Loved the tour at the end…THANK YOU DAN

  12. mojorosco Says:

    Hey dan. You’re really getting me amped up to try to start eating raw foods!

  13. KuroiHato69 Says:

    Dan… Just wanted to ask if that is a Breville JE95XL or a JE98XL??? I purchased the JE95XL and it spits out a lot of moist waste… My old Juiceman II actually seems to work better even if I have to cut up the fruit… And I can not afford the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite that I truly desire… Did you have this problem with the machine that you are using in this vid compared to the Elite???

  14. Wolvve Says:

    To much SUGAR

  15. brianv00 Says:

    Hi Dan, everyone has a right to make a living. I don’t agree with people sitting there with their full-time jobs, trying to put you down for not being close to homeless anymore.

    People can be ungrateful. Thank you for nearly 600 free videos.


  16. TheGayYogi Says:

    Hi, Dan! I’m new to the raw lifestyle. I’m trying to achieve tissue detoxification and weight loss in order to get to the next phase of my yoga practice. I tend to go a little overboard on the nuts and seeds at times, and it is prohibiting my weight loss. Can you give me an optimal caloric range on the raw lifestyle? Thanks!

  17. AcedMoney777 Says:

    Dan! How can I make Cleaning my juicer more efficient??
    Can you make a video on this? It get’s annoying to make a juice sometimes knowing that I have to spend a half hour to clean up everything. Much appreciation bro!

  18. 1lovefree Says:

    i can dig it! thanks dan the man, love your work..

  19. ForgetfullLucy Says:

    I miss the RV.

  20. Lolalove3301 Says:

    YOU FREAKING ROCK!!! i dig it!!!!!!!! thanks for just being!!

  21. scalothis Says:

    P.S I re-rang Gods Herbs guys and let them know I order because of you, glad they have seen the light. Information is our most important commodity and you provide loads, you should certainly get your dues for that.

  22. scalothis Says:

    I laughed my socks off when I heard the title of this juice. I make the Everything I Have in My Fridge Before I Go to Oakland every Friday and I don’t even live in the US. By the way if there is anyone reading this who has not tried the Lemon Ginger Blast yet do! OMG I have done a lot of juicing but this just takes the biscuit! It has now taken the place of what once would have been my morning cup of coffee. Yummeee….Thanks again Dan, and again, and agian….

  23. stardustlace Says:

    Love love love you Dan! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but you’re a beautiful man. Thanks for always sharing your love and wisdom and energy 🙂

  24. sonnyacoustics Says:

    30433 subscribers… 4000 views at the most for vids.

    Do the maths.

    Thats why your the winner baby x

    Eat you fruit & veg .

    Common sense making money….

    Selling Jesus!

    Karma Mr MacDonalds x

  25. sabbirsa Says:

    @liferegenerator I live in Toronto Canada. My question is that, if I want to purchase the juicer you are using (from the link you have provided), would this be shipped to Toronto? Please let me know.


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