Kale, Quinoa & Roasted Tomato Salad Recipe for Passover, Easter, & Earth Day

Posted on 05 September 2011 by admin     

This week, Working Class Foodies have a simple, healthy, and delicious salad perfect for any spring holiday or party because it can be made ahead and is pretty, filling, and, most importantly, tasty.

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  1. Danikaisburning Says:

    Omg I love this recipe i make it all the time to bring to school! I love love love it! Its so delicious and good for you!!!! It great because as an art student I’m usually at school 8-12 hours a day and many of my peers are vegetarian or vegan so I feel good eating vegetarian cuisine around them! I just made this the other night when my bf parents came for dinner and they loved it too… I like it warm…

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  5. Silverstarlightt Says:

    This looks really really good.
    I’m going to go buy some kale later 😀

  6. bubbles02010 Says:

    wow, that’s super healthy

  7. boffalore12 Says:

    could anybody tell me who’s the singer or band in the background?i dug the music too ..and the food…

  8. Earendilgrey Says:

    I made this the other night but with Artichoke and mushrooms instead of tomatoes. Very tasty. I can see this being a staple in my house now. The dressing is amazing. I have been using it on all kinds of things.

  9. RussMusiq1 Says:

    I had quinoa last week for the first time, i think it is great in a salad, also i saw this video by Hong Kong based food blogger, she was making Taiwanese Beef noodles, check out her video and please do the same dish. “Authentic Chinese Recipes: Episode 5 Taiwanese Beef Noodles”

    I actually fell in love with it so much i recreated it and it was great, (i used udon noodles)

  10. fontanatam Says:

    is there another cheese i can use instead of pecorino for this recipe? thanks! 🙂

  11. MrJingjong Says:

    Your little knife and cutting board look exactly like mine. lol. Did you get them at Crate and Barrel? I think I even used them on one of my videos too. Hilarious.

  12. Jakathera Says:

    @wcfoodies Yeah, which is something I’m excited about… I’m also talking about my other subscriptions… it seems as though across the board people on youtube have been posting less… No offense intended for wcfoodies… it’s been my main consistency 😀 And you have good food! 😀

  13. wcfoodies Says:

    @katidid24 Cous cous would be delicious in this! Spinach would also be really nice, but just FYI, raw spinach actually doesn’t release as many nutrients as lightly cooked spinach. It’s still extremely healthy, of course, though. Maybe some lightly sauteed spinach and shallots would be a great variation – but whatever you try, let us know how it came out!

  14. wcfoodies Says:

    @shorgeeborgee You can use either red or white quinoa; what we’ve found is that the red quinoa has a chewier, crispier texture and the white can be a little mushy and more oatmeal-like. Both are delicious, but if you’re going with white quinoa, add an extra pinch of salt to the cooking water so the flavor/texture balance will be a little more even.

    Spinach is great in this dish but just FYI, raw spinach isn’t as nutritious as cooked spinach. Still healthy, though!

  15. wcfoodies Says:

    @Kari070999 YES! Kale chips are the greatest.

  16. wcfoodies Says:

    @saerangkim You can sub the tomatoes for just about anything: thinly sliced raw radish, mushrooms sauteed with garlic and rosemary, shaved fennel…whatever you like! Be creative and definitely let us know what you come up with.

  17. wcfoodies Says:

    @Jakathera We’ve been posting every week!

  18. Jakathera Says:

    Is it just me or has everyone gotten really busy lately? it seems like none of my favorite youtube posters have been posting as often….

  19. saerangkim Says:

    too bad i hate tomatoes. but i will still try this recipe and omit them!

  20. saerangkim Says:

    @kumquatsta everyone around me pronounces quinoa the same way she does in this vid. i believe you are the only one who pronounces it the other way.

  21. MercSLRFan Says:

    I’m making burgers but nice recipe.

  22. Kari070999 Says:

    Another delicious use of kale is tossing it in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a bit of salt, and a pinch of cumin and baking it in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or until crispy. It tastes amazing, like a kale potato chip. And it’s baked, not fried so it’s healthier than your average potato chip.

  23. peacefulshades Says:

    yea and yum!

  24. arufi066 Says:

    tradittional ham and scalloped potatoes at my house for easter!

  25. snowblazer12 Says:

    add some garlic cloves with those tomatoes 😀


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