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Kimmaytube Leave-in Recipe

Posted on 04 November 2011 by admin     

First of all thank you Kimmaytube for sharing this recipe with us. I hope you guys enjoy my spin on it 🙂 Blessing ~NBQ~

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  1. MsBritta1987PhD2010 Says:

    Could you list out the ingredients and where you got them? Please

  2. mzgemini0006 Says:

    soooo the scented one works??? Good I’m going to buy some today…

  3. danae417 Says:

    do u have to use whole leaf i got lily of the desert aloe vera juice but don’t know if its whole leaf

  4. cohenrasengan Says:

    is this leave in conditioner good for relaxed hair, does it weigh it down after heat styling?

  5. simplyiful Says:

    Si vous voulez avoir des conseils et astuces pour l’entretien des cheveux naturels et défrisés allez sur le forum : Belle exotic !!

  6. simplyiful Says:

    Si vous voulez avoir des conseils et astuces pour l’entretien des cheveux naturels et défrisés allez sur le forum : Belle exotic !!

  7. Mankey74 Says:

    So do you put this in right after you wash your hair while detangling? or after detangling?

  8. luckmeslowly Says:

    i got the aloe vera gel not juice dose that matter does it also matter what kind of brand jojoba i use

  9. kaykayhype6 Says:

    Where did you buy that aloe vera from ? Thanks ! 🙂

  10. myCATm1m1 Says:

    how often do u have to use the leave-in-conditioner?

  11. NaturallyWonderfu Says:

    Should this leave in be refrigerated?

  12. valesha72 Says:

    I flat iron and blow dry my hair a lot. Now, I want to get the kink back in my hair and just start growing natural thick hair. I wanted to cut it all off again, but just don’t want to start over. What do you suggest?

  13. lemeshu Says:

    Hi Guys u have to use this Kemmyatube leaiving conditioner only in wet hair after u washing ur hair its very very nice

  14. wataki2 Says:

    i really like her voice. ( I really like your voice):D

  15. ro8888 Says:

    Hey NaturalBornQueen,

    Quick question, instead of using the Aloe Vera Juice, can I just use the alor vera leaf itself, such as breaking a piece off and scrapping 2 tablespoons of the jelly part into the mix?


  16. prynkya Says:

    Wow. I was on Youtube the other day and came across your vids. I immediately wanted to try your leave-in recipe. I didn’t have Aloe Vera juice, but I happened to have pure Aloe Vera. Well I did the recipe and my hair absolutely loved it; I was surprised my hair wasn’t oily. I also used Olive oil and Wild Growth hair oil instead of castor oil and Jojoba oil. It definitely worked. 🙂

  17. fembrist Says:

    Can the mixture be used for daily moisturizing or is it really only for wash days?

  18. precious55100 Says:

    @naturalbornqueen hi how u doing i want try out this kimmaytube leavin conditioner.
    my question is how often must i use the mixture great vid. tanx 4 ur answer.

  19. kenrybabygurl Says:

    @annettetrone you have to subscribe to her:)

  20. tiffanyssweets Says:

    can u sub aloe vera gel w/ the aloe vera juice?

  21. annettetrone Says:

    I tired to click on the link for the kimmaytube leave in conditioner recipe – step by step and everytime the video comes into youtube it says that this video is private how can i watch this video?

  22. sherrosgirl Says:

    I love this leave-in. I used Komaza Care Califia leave-in conditioner, jbco, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera leaves that I pureed and strained. Great!!!

  23. natrlchallenge Says:

    I don’t have the juice, I have the gel. I wonder if it will work as well. I’m going to try it!

  24. iluvmy2boys3 Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Where do you get the funnel?

  25. lilbit15210 Says:

    @DangerousCurves845 where do you buy the castor oil at?


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