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Kirby: Right Back at Ya! – Recipe For Disaster

Posted on 30 October 2011 by admin     

I do not own Kirby or this show. All copyrights to 4kids, HAL Labs, and Nintendo. A while back, Kawasaki’s old cooking teacher, the world-famous food critic Chef Shiitake came to Castle Dedede to sample its cuisine… Or so they thought it was Shiitake. They soon revealed that this chef was a sham, and it was actually the monster Popon sent by NightMare Enterprises! But when the real Chef Shiitake comes to Cappy Town to judge Kawasaki’s cooking, he learns that his real master can be even meaner than a monster! Shiitake is disgusted by his apprentice’s skills and storms out, saying that he has no place owning a restaurant. But just then, King Dedede comes and offers to let Shiitake stay in his castle in anticipation of eating some decent food for once, and even persuades him to broadcast a cooking show on Channel DDD. But Tiff, Tuff and Kirby notice that Shiitake cooks the same things as Kawasaki, yet it tastes so much better… The master must have some sort of secret recipe, and it’s up to them to find out what it is! If you want to watch more Kirby episodes, please see the link below.

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  1. Sukuun Says:

    @noodles4543 The editors meant to remove the text altogether, in an attempt to “Americanize” the show. It’s nonsense like this that led to 4Kids declaring bankruptcy.

  2. 01398ify Says:

    @optimuswhat No shit

  3. optimuswhat Says:

    Shit – Take

  4. ThunderLizardsRule Says:

    Chef Shiitake looks like Rufus. ^_^

  5. MrDarkmaster26 Says:

    dedede is such a douche

  6. mario79063 Says:

    @Dodolord679 That was pretty funny wasn’t it.

  7. Dnrdsh Says:

    Kirby looks cute with purple eyes even though hes drunk from the chemical

  8. KoolKid6500 Says:

    @33554431 i mean the youtube way, the text way, genius. i’m not being realistic. except for the fact that i hate tiff and tuff and they’re nosy.

  9. 33554431 Says:

    @KoolKid6500 “h8” makes height so you are basically saying you height tiff and tuff

  10. ActionStar00 Says:

    @Japancommercials4U2 it has many references to the previous games and anime

  11. Japancommercials4U2 Says:

    Oddly, Chef Shiitake was a boss in the Kirby Quest sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack.

  12. MsSaruhJane Says:


  13. SuperMarioandluigi12 Says:

    ya kirby

  14. KoolKid6500 Says:

    i h8 tiff and tuff. kirby, meta knight, ddd, escargoon and all the rest are better than them. tiff and tuff butt in and think it’s their duty to find out everyone’s secrets!

  15. dudeguy2157 Says:

    is kawasaki a teenager?

  16. kyndolclark Says:

    When Kirby ate the can of spice, he got high and thought everyone was food. Let this be a lesson to you kids.

  17. dscim988 Says:

    First thing that came into mind from title: runeescape

  18. CapsuleJX Says:

    @noodles4543 4Kids fucked up.

  19. dreiday7 Says:

    @noodles4543 poyo ; d

  20. Smashlikeapro124 Says:

    The waddle dees were dancing up the stairs to surve the food at 8:18

  21. dracothedragonite Says:

    15:33 I like when Kirbeh thought people were food 😀

  22. Deenis90 Says:

    Everytime I watch that episode, it makes me hungry! Sometimes I eat while watching it too keep me from getting hungry.

  23. Jeffrey76515 Says:

    @noodles4543 The english version tends to remove text.

  24. cobo5951 Says:

    Chef Shiitake is gonna make a cameo in Kirby Mass Attack. Same with Escargoon.. They’re both gonna be in the “Kirby Master” minigame.

  25. lightyearpig12 Says:

    11:55 Ah food these days. Always getting more tasty and yummy. *winks at cookbook*


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