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Long Island Ice T

Posted on 22 October 2010 by admin American Bartenders School shows you how to make the popular cocktail the Long Island Ice T

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  1. gtaleone Says:

    What music is that

  2. stooge81 Says:

    2:52 “really powerful, so don’t drink and drive after this one…” but, it’s ok to drink and drive after a 12-pack. just don’t drink and drive after a long island ice tea.

  3. socal323ful Says:

    @Kshaka no actually pat riley looks more like the goblin from spiderman lmao

  4. lazlon1 Says:

    is it me or is he overpouring like an absolute tool

  5. Hurrquah Says:

    Mmmm, my favorite!

  6. Dewleys Says:

    bull shit recipe :/

  7. shittyfuck Says:

    powerful shit

  8. cleanerimage4u Says:


  9. shittyfuck Says:

    powerful drink

  10. Kshaka Says:


  11. gtehatzi Says:

    i think that u must put tequila white not yellow.

  12. petris112 Says:

    Imagine if the bartender fully drank each drink after he made it!

  13. albacadraba71384 Says:

    i love dis drink it’s my favorite ever

  14. macrent2 Says:

    Long Island Ice Tea Will Fuck You Up!

  15. anuerysm19 Says:

    @vectorpro21 thanx dude!

  16. PioCymbals08 Says:

    Why would anyone want to learn to bartend from someone who uses premixed sweet and sour? Gross!

  17. dmillz121 Says:

    I remember having this on a cruise ship..bad idea lol..

  18. guitargod5656 Says:

    i hit the jack pot!!!
    thanks for the videos man. i really want to be a bartender

  19. vectorpro21 Says:

    @anuerysm19 jigger

  20. kainefenton Says:

    Lol dont make such a strong drink! thats just a waste of money. Thats what these roofies are for…… it saves money and time guys.

  21. anuerysm19 Says:

    whats that measuring cup called thats he’s using?

  22. skinnyman1423 Says:

    wow i got hammered after a few of these bad boys ha ha i can’t really remember that much of that night ha ah

  23. partyboy1800 Says:

    @isallboutme the more coke the less alchol

  24. midnightfury661 Says:


    no he didn’t.

  25. thedukeofantioch Says:

    that looks nice.ive never had one.


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