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Mafia Martini

Posted on 18 October 2010 by admin     

A gold rum cocktail recipe with a little bit of chambord and apple juice. We’ll garnish with a lime twist that will also help enhance the aroma.

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  1. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @wako161 It really only works with super fresh limes 🙂

  2. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @seanusmcmaximus well heck! a gold rum drinker! 🙂

  3. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @chupamiubre Well, “once upon a time” rum was also much more vile and rough compared to the technology we have for distilling now. 🙂

  4. dasmegacool Says:

    try 1 part so-co and about 1 part lime syrup shaken with ice into a rocks glass it’s really good. this is coming from someone that doesn’t like so-co for the most part. really fruity and goes down a little too smooth if you know what mean.

  5. seanusmcmaximus Says:

    i like to sip gold rum straight. Sailor jerry or havana club anejo especial is pretty good. Theres angostura 1919 which is an 8 yr golden rum, thats some special stuff, usally pretty pricey but comes in an excellent bottle. I highly recommend.

  6. chupamiubre Says:

    If you drink run straight up you either have a drinking problem or no taste buds. Rum was made to mix alone its just burn.

  7. thebladesman Says:

    sometime people will order straight whiskey in a cocktail glass, ordered “whiskey- up” so that the patron has a stem to hold onto so that their body heat from their hand doesn’t affect the whiskey.

  8. udderlymoovelous Says:

    If you fill your ice trays with warm water you will get clear ice. Cold water causes the ice to be cloudy. Probably because cold water can start freezing sooner than warm water can.

  9. wako161 Says:

    that was like the 1st time i have ever seen him successfully twist…

  10. csrunnerx Says:

    I’ve actually had something like this before. They didn’t call it a Mafia Martini, though. These are delicious.


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