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Makai No Chevdo (Corn Chevda) – Gujarati Snack Recipe

Posted on 15 December 2010 by admin     

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  1. nacs Says:

    Hetal — looking good!

    And I love you all’s videos too 🙂

  2. hotncool008 Says:

    great snake. totally love it.

  3. ImaLanger Says:

    @TheDino2714 Thank you. Have a good day.

  4. TheDino2714 Says:

    @ImaLanger yes you can skip asofoetida.
    its not change the taste

  5. SpawningFury Says:

    ROFL. Ur kidding me. This stuff is insane. xD
    I suck at cooking. And this looks quite simple. Will need to try this out tomorrow. As a student, its hard to get time between college and personal time. These easy to make thingys are an epic win! :X keep em coming!

  6. IndianManeesha17 Says:

    hey! i love your recipes a lot ]! are you gujrati? anyways can you guys make something that people eat in diwali for kids? Usually we just cook clean and make kheer and halwa but i want something for kids please replay!!!!!

  7. Rourba Says:

    Making that under 15mn, I’ll take that !!

  8. ImaLanger Says:

    Hello, I do like all your videos. My father came from Delhi (my mother was English) and was a good cook – I learned a lot from him.
    I now live in Ireland and find it so hard to find authentic ingredients, so the internet is a life saver. One thing I CANNOT get is Asofoetida – is this a vital ingredient or can I omit it from recipes?
    Thank you,

  9. SCMA Says:

    Someone’s mic is making a lot of noise against their blouse!

  10. xochigy Says:

    Corn is a grain (:

  11. wbasc Says:

    I’m sorry, but every time you guys bring out the “lemon juice”, I cringe. There are a ton of preservatives that go into that product, and it really isn’t that hard to have lemons on hand to squeeze freshly!

  12. puja144 Says:

    Thanks and also do you know a sabji like a panner tikka, but instead of panner they use amuel cheese my dad was taking about it but I couldn’t findi any recipe online.

  13. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    @puja144 : Bajra Roti, Chapati, rice…all combinations taste good

  14. faylinameir Says:

    weird thing is I used to make this way before I was ever interested in indian food. Never had a name before, only thing i did different was blend it into a soup. so weird but very good

  15. puja144 Says:

    wha do u eat papad ki sabji with> roti, rice or paratha

  16. teencooking1 Says:

    wow i never thought that a snack can be made out of corn, thanks for the recipe =)

  17. leftyla Says:

    @luticia Yeah, you should be sorry.

  18. luticia Says:

    It looks so good? – To me, very disgusting, I’m sorry.

  19. imatrini4life Says:

    This looks really good. Perfect for a vegetarian like my bf, his family and I. And he’s Gujju too, this would make a good surprise for him. Thank You! (=

    Keep Up the Great Work!

  20. elohelreh Says:

    @VivekMishra2010 Hello!

  21. VivekMishra2010 Says:


  22. elohelreh Says:

    It sounds so pretty too!! I love your accent Hetal (this coming from a Paki, you know, means nothing in terms of non-Hindi words except that I loooove languages and it sounded pretty). 🙂

  23. sandinotheturtle90 Says:

    I’ve never had the courage or necessity to really cook anything before (I’m 20), but after discovering your videos about a month ago I cannot wait to move back into my apartment to start experimenting. Thank you!

  24. tilo126 Says:

    my mom made this very tasty by adding garlic-ginger and roasted peanut powder. she cooked with cumin seeds not mustard seeds.

  25. tatri1 Says:

    Been telling everyone abt ya’ll 🙂


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