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Make Lotion Bars/Bath Melts for Skin & Hair (Gift Ideas DIY)

Posted on 01 September 2012 by admin     

*EXPAND & READ RECIPES* DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & SHARE! Would you like to have the best soft and supple skin for the winter with a sweet scent that lingers all day? I stopped using liquid body lotion! Let’s make lotion bars and bath melts filled with pure vegetable butters for our body, face, and hair. Be inspired by these basic recipes to decorate these bars into an inspired Starbucks’ signature drink, rose cupcake, and arrange these into a bouquet filled with face serum bars to bath melts. Chat on Twitter with me: ? Music Credit: Bridges by Cake Shop at and Let It Go by Binary Heart at Where to find this lotion bar and bath melt ingredients? Here’s a few places and my online store will have bath bomb, massage bar, and bath melt kits for easy one stop shopping on 2/28/12 but there are many online sites that sells raw cocoa butter and more: Soap making supplies at Hobby Lobby http Where to find frosting and gift supplies? Grocery baking section Craft Store http Recipe #1 Basic Lotion Bar and Bath Melts For Hair, Body, and for Recent Scars: -Direction For Lotion Bars: Apply directly to the body and marks one to twice a day on clean skin. It’s best to use these after a shower or a bath. -Direction For Bath Melts: Drop 1 to 2 bath melts in hot

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  1. cutie5965 Says:

    You are getting married?!! *gasp*
    I just discovered your video today~ I hope you will make more soon hehe -3 congratulation, wishes you both the best :3 And by the way, can you sell some of your DIY because I want them and? I’m not good at making it

  2. issy laspinach Says:


  3. ebby6285 Says:

    can u use goats milk powder and rose water in as well as the other products or would u substitute it ? …… can u use shea butter instead

  4. charlieme5150 Says:

    how the hell did i end up here?! i was looking for vids on how to make a mold with expanding? foam…….

  5. xNailsarelovelyx Says:

    LOL petroleum. ?

  6. Sinna Oon Says:

    Best! Glad? that i subscribed.

  7. MyMissCharming Says:

    Wow truely amazing ideas! I make my own lotions, hair care and skin care? items home made and naturally too! However, I don’t make them into cupcakes or certain colors or things of that sort since I’m so busy working. But I will definitly try this out!

  8. emily lloyd Says:

    Can? your

  9. susxx3 Says:

    im just curious, what did you major in college to receive or? know all these information ?! i would like to study the same major like you !

  10. happypanda chow Says:

    Yey I’m not crazy everyone thought I was crazy because sometimes I put a small amount? of lotion on my hair

  11. mangalover1005 Says:

    Wait I? thought you were already married? In the 25 question tag video u said u were married to Christian. By the way brilliant idea I am so making this for my mom for her birthday. THANKS!!!!!:)

  12. khivan99 Says:

    For the fizzy bath melts,can i replace the citric acid and the grape? oil?

  13. sara12345678910ize Says:

    Can you tell? me were I can buy the ingredients online

  14. mona dodia Says:

    thank u soo much!! i made some they r just awsome?

  15. BeautySplurge Says:

    Aww thank you <3 I wish? that too!

  16. BeautySplurge Says:

    The cupcake bath melts are use to be used in the bath. You drop it in hot water and bath in the oils to nourish your skin and hair. The Frosting is decorating and can be used as? a sugar scrub =) I hope that help answer your question.

  17. BeautySplurge Says:

    You can store them for 6-8 months? =)

  18. BeautySplurge Says:

    You can use the frosting as a? sugar scrub and of your bath is hot then it will melt faster =) Thanks hun for the support~

  19. uniqueshajeeah Says:

    sooooo ive been watchin you for about an hour now lol… my question is will the chocolate and frosting melt or go bad so to speak ? and can you use the frosting on? your skin?

  20. mona dodia Says:

    hey i love ur video’s. can u please tell me? for how long can i store the bath bombs since i don’t like making them offen.

  21. Daniele6202 Says:

    I am so lost lol…. what are the cupcakes used for ? I know you can’t eat them.. but the frosting threw me off ..?

  22. snowpuffxx Says:

    YOU ARE? AMAZING. You’re so creative, I wish I was your neighbour haha 😛

  23. MolliMac38143 Says:

    Oops wrong? video geeze

  24. MolliMac38143 Says:

    Meh I’m too far for this 😕 /

  25. Swaqger172 Says:

    U show do a? give away on this cuz I really want at lest one


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