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Making a Perfect Party Mai Tai @ Connor Butler with Ron

Posted on 13 October 2010 by admin     

Spinning a alternative Mai Tai with a Sommelier at Restaurant Connor Butler in Vancouver BC, perfect for parties… the real one has an almond flavored liquor and lime juice and wouldn’t get you a high five…

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  1. Zolkz1Zneew Says:

    @ku105ribmmrbo202361 then dont call it a mai tai, say modified mai tai or a bowl of something non mai tai’sh

  2. bemolioza Says:

    My eyes are bleeding…
    Ingredients… no !
    Garnish … wth ? Maybe otry stickin a whole pineapple on that glass… cos i think its not enough there

  3. midnightfury661 Says:

    @chevsnholdens grenadine is neither cherry nor raspberry. It’s a pomegranate syrup.

  4. midnightfury661 Says:

    Connor Butler, SHIT Mai Tai.

  5. ku105ribmmrbo202361 Says:


  6. legman27 Says:

    What is this? The DIET version?

  7. flairbartender89 Says:

    ah, no….

  8. TSOfan Says:

    +1. He only got one ingrediant correct with the Appleton rum.

  9. tubeaholic Says:

    Rum, orgeat, curacao, limejuice, crushed ice IT’S IDIOT PROOF!

  10. hajduktyson Says:


    trader vic went ot court for this drink. listen to him!

  11. dayingyang0 Says:

    THAT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A MAI TAI! It’s people like this that make it hard to find a good mai tai because they don’t have a clue what they’re doing!

  12. thebigchill07 Says:

    his garnish is ‘the old parafanalia’. each cocktail has its own garnish its not just an afterthought, chordial in a cocktail – no thanks. wrong recepie – yes. idiot making a video – i think so

  13. 3x4t0r Says:

    This is far away from a perfect mai tai, sorry.

  14. doctorkill Says:

    where’s the almond.

    you’re a bawbag.

  15. toyotainside1 Says:

    hhmm sry thats not a mai tai 🙂 …. mai tai is a short cocktail… 3cl dark rum, 3cl white rum , 1.5cl orange couracao, 1.5cl orgeat syrup (almond), 1cl fresh lime juice. garnish with lime peel and / or pineapple…..

  16. Bandtrip50 Says:

    Thanks for your help. Appreciated!

    I have a friend that RAVES about this drink from
    an Asian restaurant in Orange Co. California.
    I wish I had that particular recipe.

  17. chevsnholdens Says:

    From what I got it was triple sec, Bacardi rum (white), Appleton, lime cordial, OJ, Pineapple/J, fresh lime. grenadine (which is cherry, but i think he used raspberry).

  18. Bandtrip50 Says:

    Can someone post the list of ingredients?
    I can’t understand some of his words.
    I’ve never had a Mai Tai! A friend told me that are really great!

  19. reboshima Says:

    A real Mai Tai has some form of almond flavor. Be it from almond syrup, or almond liquor. And many would say it should be layered for presentation. Your drink is not a Mai Tai.

  20. edaiee Says:

    che brutto stile….

  21. ConnorsCrew Says:

    hi there nice mai tai !!!!


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