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Making kimchi

Posted on 01 November 2011 by admin     

Full recipe here: How to Make kimchi and kaktugi (radish kimchi) Ingredients: 2 medium size napa cabbages and 2 Korean radishes, salt, sweet rice flour, sugar, water, 4-6 cups of hot pepper flakes, fish sauce, white onion, fresh garlic, ginger, green onions, Asian chives, fresh oysters (optional) How to handle cabbages and radish: 1. Cut the cabbages in half, and then slit each half through the core, but not through the rest of the leaves. 2. Soak each piece in cold water and sprinkle some salt (about ½ cup of salt per 1 medium size cabbage), and then set it aside for 2 hours. *tip: the stems should get more salt than the leaves 3. Skin 2 radishes and cut them into 1 inch cubes. Do this by cutting them into several disks, and then cutting horizontally, and then vertically. Put them in a big bowl and sprinkle them with ½ cup of salt. Then set these aside, too. 4. 2 hours later, turn the pieces of cabbage over so they get salted evenly. Turn the radishes as well. 5. Another 2 hours later, you will see the cabbage look softer than before, and it should have shrunk. *the total salting process will take 4 hours 6. Rinse the salted cabbage and radish with cold water 3 times. Making kimchi paste: Make porridge 1. Put ½ cup of sweet rice flour (you can replace with plain flour) and 3 cups of water into a skillet and mix them up. Then cook over medium-high heat, stirring constantly. 2. When you see some bubbles, pour 1/4 cup of sugar into the porridge and stir one

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  1. sakuradropz Says:

    @what is the radish korean ?cit is look like chinese ra dish or not?osabanale

  2. johnnyfarout Says:

    “never goes bad”! OMG. Such massive quantities, I’m impressed and attracted on that criteon alone! Someday my kimchi will come. LOL

  3. 150493lynn Says:

    hi, can i ask how much i should use for the making kimchi paste if i use only one cabbage? i’m scared it will be too much..

  4. vietaustintexas Says:

    I like the recipe. I made kimchi with this recipe and came out real goo. Thanks to. Maangchi who gave me a real instructions.
    Unlike the video I watched a few months ago, uploaded by notjustrice, it is called Kimchi in 3 quick steps-Quick cabbage Kimchi (was really suck – kimchi paste look like a liquid). I ended up to throw away the whole jar.

  5. Kimvichan Says:

    I love kimchi! It’s soo good! (I’m part Korean)

  6. kellykangin Says:

    @MrGrowlyGrowler she put it into the blender 🙂

  7. paulmattt Says:

    These raw oysters worry me a little… How long do we have to ferment it?

  8. nachtnite Says:

    Hey guys, Kimchi is not a stand-alone food. Because Kimchi is basically salty and spicy, you should eat it with other kinda light plain foods.
    One word, Kimchi is ancillary food with other plain foods.

  9. MrGrowlyGrowler Says:

    Did you just cut a ginger?

  10. grasshulaskirt Says:

    Fascinating…I make a vegetarian kimchi that doesnt use sugar or flour or msg…but this looks yummy!

  11. ipekatomang Says:

    question here!!!! just wondering kimchi tends to have sour flavour , but whn i see ur ingredient u didnt add vinegar into ur kimchi. Does it turn sour itself whn its fermented or ??

  12. chmellen Says:

    I love you come to the US.

  13. fireantsarestrange Says:

    OMG … I love you. 😉

  14. IrahGudgal Says:

    Its quite troublesome but worth it 😀

  15. AlGGam Says:

    may i ask a question? when you leave cabbage in salt we should add water or not?

  16. Maangchi Says:

    @cosabanale yes, you can make soup with bok choi. Check out my “baechu doenjangguk” recipe. You can replace napa cabbage with bok choi. In the recipe, I blanch napa cabbage but you won’t need blanch bok choi.

  17. cosabanale Says:

    Hello Dear Maangchi,
    I succeeded this year in planting pak choi in my garden. Its about 40 plants, biggest part looking pretty good. Want to cook part of them fresh in a few recipes and conservate another part. Kimchi seems to be a good method for this. Any special things i should care or just use your cabbage kimchi recipe therefore? Thank you for your friendly warm and relaxed way to teach korean way of cooking. All the best from Europe, Germany…

  18. Maangchi Says:

    @ggg59402 great! find me maangchi official FB page.

  19. ggg59402 Says:

    do you have facebook account so i can follow you?

  20. vickyduong1605 Says:

    awwwwww, wish you were my neighborhood..

  21. lindanguyenmiley Says:

    How can your cabbage get so big. In Vietnam they are round and just small like ball. I dont know if I can make kimchi with that or I’ll have to use the white cabbage. By the way, love your instructions.

  22. vampiregirl32083 Says:

    ????. ???

  23. jakid709 Says:

    I so love Kimchi!, may get some friends together and make some. Will try cucumber kimchi

  24. Maangchi Says:

    @onmyknees18 yes, skip radish and oysters. It will still be delicious. Check out my easy kimchi and emergency kimchi (didn’t use radish and oysters) if you want. Happy cooking!

  25. onmyknees18 Says:

    Do you have to put the oysters and radish in the Kimchi or can you leave them out? I don’t like radish.


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