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Making Tomato Juice

Posted on 26 December 2010 by admin     

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  1. annzup57 Says:

    You surely know what you’re doing! Of course, I say that with over 50 lbs. of Roma’s waiting “to become” salsa, pasta sauce–I like to use entire mater–so what’s left from peel and seed after scald goes into juice–with a slab of homegrown garlic, and at least one yellow Tabasco pepper–lemon juice or lime processed in qt. jars. Thanks for posting this . . . chilled? Mmmhmm.

  2. moomilkmon Says:

    wow where do you live I want to buy some :'(

  3. weeknightingale Says:

    Awesome! Reminds me of my childhood! There is nothing like fresh home made foods. Thanks for sharing!

  4. DaeOh Says:

    cooool video

  5. nedsneebly Says:

    do you cook the sauce. how long can you store the tomatoe sauce. im a terrible cook. i have the same juicer as you. any help would be appreciated, nice video.

  6. rudiwells Says:

    you could probably make a fantastic italian sauce with the leftover pulp


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