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Max B-Bigga Make Me Cum(Jim Jones Diss)

Posted on 19 January 2011 by admin     

Max B-Bigga Make Me Cum(Jim Jones Diss) destiny’s child is she the reason instrumental beatMax B-Where All My Hoes MAx b Ft French Montana-We Sip Gran Cru pop champagne freestyle(Jim jones Diss) Max B-Tell Me Freestyle bobby valentino beat ft lil wayne max b gain green million dollar baby boss don biggavell owwwwwwwwww wavy Max B And French M Clown Jimmy’s Broadway Play jr writer writers block 1 2 3 4 5 freestyle camron million dollar baby silver surfer Max B & French Montana Clowning On Jim Jones’s Broadway Play! “Cats… Nicca Mad Shiny. This Nigga Don Lost His Mind. Chrissy krissy Set You Up For That One” Max B And French Montana Clown Hell Rell 4 Gettin Shot In Da Ass clown rank joke roast crack on hell rell dipset shot in the ass jim jones juelz santana Max B Interview On Come Up: “I Got Beef With The Whole Dipset. Im Ridin On Everybody On Dipset. Shout Outs To That Snitch Nicca, Freekey Zekey. When I Catch Juelz I Might Break His F8ckin Jaw”. Speaks On Prodigy “Don’t You Got Sickle Cell” rap hip-hop beef battle diss pop champange we sip gran cru owwwww wavey biggavelle sexy love swagstrumentals femceez nicki minaj jordan tower Nicki Minaj Ft Lil Wayne – High As A Kite *World Premeire rap hiphop on the come up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 lil wayne weezy the carter drought is over female rapper hiphop femcee beef Lewinsky battle diss biggie pac jay-z lil kim foxy brown remy ma jay-z jocking jay-z full cd

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. GeneralProfitEnt Says:




  2. dboied Says:

    lil wayen went the fuck on this an bigga killed it more than wanye
    this shit fire

  3. aligdergriche Says:

    Max b is the one of the best NYC rapper BUT he go to hell

    PS. i was a big max b fan but GOD open my eyes and i find the right way

  4. luctheking3 Says:

    i love lots of cock i want max b to fuck me in my tight wet asshole

  5. jdopeylove34 Says:

    owwwwww <3

  6. mamook100 Says:


  7. tommybrown187 Says:

    16 thousand in the 1st week SO FUCKIN DISGUSTING

  8. juicyjue126 Says:

    “Come sit on my lap”… thas the new pickup line??? cuz im strangely attracted to it. lol!

  9. staceyr0405 Says:

    free max b

  10. brooklynblaze23 Says:

    @lilt1220 so y da hell u lookin dis nigga up if u dnt like him u a dum nigga son

  11. lilt1220 Says:

    his music dnt move me at all dis shyt wack

  12. kiledopeboy3 Says:

    dis is weak j.r. destroyed em

  13. Ctownable Says:

    And another one!!! Free max b

  14. AyooHelennx3 Says:

    iLovee Him .

  15. klarc Says:

    free max b

  16. planetsk8 Says:

    wat the beat called

  17. DaddyzBombshell Says:

    @e15london rick ross money make me cum

  18. e15london Says:


  19. kingt0308 Says:

    this guy is sick lmao

  20. nzubechukwu Says:

    This track is dope

  21. shocktypeC Says:

    he sounds like a sleepy dog

  22. m6m5g8 Says:

    max b is a REAL G

  23. MrYungwon24 Says:

    this is not a wavy joint….oww

  24. nysolja4life Says:


  25. sowavyowww Says:


    MAX B, keep in movin my dude


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