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Meat Chili Sauce recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 28 April 2011 by admin     

It’s Food Porn at its finest with this classic “Coney Island” style meat sauce recipe cooked up by the BBQ Pit Boys. Get your BBQ Shoes on because hotdogs, sausages, and cheese burgers piled high with this chili sauce don’t get any better than this!

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    but you cook the meat with oil or butter right???

  2. antlese Says:

    I have to try this! Looks guuud guys. Thanks

  3. magibubu Says:

    This is a horror movie for vegetarians,im glad im not one of em,damn i want to be friends with these guys

  4. Dan4USCTroy Says:

    Nice…nothing but solid great cooking with the man, the voice the, legend!!!

  5. paulob0t Says:

    he maked a moster krudy paty at the end!!

  6. jerrysailing Says:

    bbq tip- dogs should not be cooked directly over coals

  7. CebuChess Says:

    this guy right here cooks with feelings bwahahahaha

  8. CebuChess Says:

    hahaha i like the “hhhhmmmmm huh!” when you eat hahahaha

  9. rebelosty Says:

    @uberme65 what, no thumbs? you know what that means, right…nobody likes you. FUCK YOU

  10. rebelosty Says:

    @uberme65 jack off with what? you’re not even a man! FUCK YOU!

  11. Hurricanesidwell Says:

    Headed To The Pit Right Now To Make Some Chili Dawgs!


  12. ElPasoTV Says:

    @xman822 yeah, what is it with Bittman? nobody watches his NYT Food show on YouTube anyway..!

  13. xman822 Says:

    i rather have this food than the crap that minimalist fag from NY makes for food!!!

  14. mnthol Says:

    uhhh my stomach just went to Memphis..!

  15. uberme65 Says:

    @shkupi1 Why dont u shut the hell up im tryin to jack off here

  16. uberme65 Says:

    cant wait until Rib Fest in the summer!! Thumbs up if you cant either

  17. badassreinitz Says:

    id make a baked potato and pour this on it, then fry bacon put cheese all over it with homade bread

  18. kidistight Says:

    Looks like a good recipe for sloppy joes, regarding the meat sauce. After watching many of your videos I have realized I run my grill way to hot, it is usually upwards of 300/350. Because of that I have to shuffle the meat around a lot on my grill instead of just getting a nice temp and walking away.

  19. dbmrhi Says:

    @hotsauce1243 I’ve been watching them for years now and still can’t get enough of them. Both thumbs up here as well!

  20. duanemay Says:

    add about 2 teaspoons of that… wister sheer sauce.

  21. wagar123 Says:

    @shkupi1 You might want to taste it before making that kind of assumption

  22. shkupi1 Says:

    im not even joking that looks nasty

  23. bluesuit5 Says:

    Very cool! man I am in the wrong line of work!!!!!!!!!!! where do I sign up to learn more about cookin? 🙂

  24. redsbleeding2003 Says:

    hahaah only in america man where u take meat cook it layer it on more meat and add cheeze

  25. Pandenomioum Says:

    It is quite hilarious because people always say that his voice is like that of a porn actor with classic music and awesome food it became food porn, but it is hilarious how they admit it too xD


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