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Meatballs and Gravy Grilled Country Style by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 12 October 2010 by admin     

Indirect grilling, some ground beef, a little pork sausage, and a few spices makes for some real good eating, especially when the meatballs are served up with some thick brown gravy! And this open fire cooking is easy to do as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. macbolan00 Says:

    most people think meatballs are hard to do. even my wife gets peeved when i suddenly say i want meatballs for dinner.

  2. micktrainor92 Says:

    no butters sweater then Western Star!

  3. toromiguel Says:

    yummy ,yummy ,on my tummy

  4. VC106893 Says:

    @clamcrabber you can see the dishwasher walking @4:24 xD

  5. clamcrabber Says:

    who washes the dishes?

  6. clamcrabber Says:

    @LaCosaNostra97 haha! they smelled the food cooking!

  7. LaCosaNostra97 Says:

    Who is the wandering hippy at 4:22?

  8. TYTARMY Says:

    wouldn’t mashed potatoes be awesome with those meatballs and gravy? mmmm guuud.

  9. smilly3 Says:


  10. Keippernicus Says:

    Well I know what I’m making for dinner on Saturday!

  11. MegaAmycakes Says:

    This looks so good and would feed a crowd, my son is getting married in August. I am gonna suggest these to him as he and his future wife want to do a private barbeque for just the family after the wedding. He has already asked for my baked beans and that rice looked good have ya got the recipe for your rice here?

  12. 3BricksHigher Says:

    I think the smell of those meat balls are calling the neighbors! 4:25 LOL!

  13. Ballowall Says:

    4:23 Someone just get out of the pool? lol

  14. Guitar4God1 Says:

    wow those meatballs have a really good color…

  15. unixarmy Says:


    What’s so funny ? I don’t get it.

  16. Pandenomioum Says:

    Nice job Bob, we like our meatballs big, not those small balls you get in markets!

  17. dlmsuperdave Says:

    This was soooo good! Thanks for the idea guys, keep ’em coming

  18. dlmsuperdave Says:

    Making these again today, gonna serve over a bed of rice with teriyaki noodles and brussel sprouts. I bet they would be awesome on a sandwich with the gravy, mushrooms,onions, bell peppers and swiss or provolone cheese

  19. kartikey91 Says:

    i love it !!!!!!!!!!

  20. dlmsuperdave Says:

    doing this tomorrow but, i will add fresh mushrooms to the gravy and serve with mashed taters and probably corn maybe garlic toast too.

  21. senileroach Says:

    You smell dat? It smells guuud. XD

  22. coltonrob Says:

    here that fresh ground chuck!!!!! man thats good

  23. 1998disco72 Says:

    Who was that walking by in the back ground? LOL

  24. hiPlasma Says:

    damn it, every time he says “can you smell that.. mmmmmmmmhmmmmm”

    ahahaha i love it

  25. shelby11211 Says:

    I feel like shoting me a vegetiran.


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