Methi Muthiya For Undhiyu – Fenugreek Leaves Dumplings

Posted on 12 October 2010 by admin     

Use this Muthiya in your favorite curry. More detail at

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  1. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Thank you and keep enjoying!

  2. sweetjyo Says:

    3G box amazing concept ha even i wil try it surely.

  3. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Yes, I gave them a name 3G…since they are my favorite ingredients!

  4. AbstractMan23 Says:

    “3G box” haha i like that!

  5. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Keep enjoying!

  6. ilikethewok Says:

    What a flavorful recipe to go with curries!! Just watching the video is mouthwatering Bhavna. Thx so much.

  7. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    If you can get hold of corn flour not starch or corn meal. Try with it. I would add 1 tbsp of wheat flour though with corn flour to get good binding since corn flour has much more crispyness…Great luck.
    And thank you for such a nice inspiring words for my cooking passion. I am always inpired by users like you. And I get all the ideas in my mind all the time that I want to share this and that…so much to learn and share! Keep enjoying the journey of cooking with me!

  8. urvscan Says:

    Hi Bhavna,

    You are simply awesome. I have tried many recipes of yours and they turn out to be really nice. I appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm involved with cooking. You have no idea how much god is blessing you for these super recipes ! Keep up the good work.

    I have a question though..

    What if i do not have jowar flour? what can be a good substitute? What about adding some sugar if i just need to make these as tea time snacks. Your reply is appreciated. Cheers.

  9. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Thank you. Keep enjoying.

  10. smalhara Says:

    You cook with such a passion! I like all your Indian cooking videos!This one is awesome..

  11. SuperVeggieDelight Says:


  12. vanitavishram1974 Says:

    Hi Bavna!
    I am the first one to watch this video. Great video. I love methi muthiya specially in Undhio. Thanx for such a wonderful looking recipe.

  13. kirtana Says:

    how do u store 3 G in the box? crush and freeze or some other procedure?

    great to see ur videos!


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