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Microsoft Cloud-Built Certifications

Posted on 17 September 2012 by admin     

Microsoft’s solutions for cloud technology are growing in popularity with businesses across multiple industries. With the increase in cloud technology usage comes the increased demand for IT professionals with cloud building an administration skills. MS cloud technology is among the certification paths offered by Microsoft and achieving a formal certification is the best way to validate your skills.


While you may have some experience working with MS cloud solutions, documenting that experience in a formal manner is necessary for proving your expertise to your current employer for the purposes of promotion or raises. It is also essential for documenting your skills for obtaining new positions in the IT field. Employers seeking candidates for cloud building, implementation, administration and maintenance want professionals with validated skills. For this reason, obtaining your formal certification in MS Cloud-Built solutions is a crucial step in your career development.


Microsoft offers three certifications for IT professionals in the cloud technology discipline:


•             Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

•             Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

•             Microsoft Certified Solutions Master


You’ll begin your MS certification path by pursuing the Associate level credential from Microsoft and can work your way up from there if you determine that doing so is beneficial for your current IT role and/or your future career goals. No matter which level of certification you decide is right for you, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to preparing for your certification exams. Using a dynamic exam prep solution like is the best method for achieving your goals.

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