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Mint Chutney with

Posted on 12 November 2010 by admin     

For a detailed recipe, please visit our website…

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  1. toofar2go1 Says:

    my dad loves it …

  2. janidr Says:

    Your method is simple and presentation is very good. Thanks . for non cook guy , this was easy

  3. sanjivkatyal Says:

    Hi Anuja & Hetal,We tried your kulfi recipe and it was wonderful.Just tell me how i can avoid little ice crystals in the Kulfi.
    thanx for the wonderful recipes.Can u tell one for shreekhand?

  4. SumYumHo Says:

    you guys are AMAZING and my husband is going to be soooooo happy! Thankyou

  5. adamp108 Says:

    gee what an offer — what a creepy thing to say

  6. smd1949 Says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to making it!

  7. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    No, you didn’t miss a step. I think we said “green chili, please”, not “green chili paste”. You can add it in whole as it will get blended anyway. You can use any variety of green chili. Serano or Thai Chili will give you more heat and jalepeno will be a bit milder. You could also remove the seeds from the chili to get great flavor with less heat. Good luck!

  8. smd1949 Says:

    Did I miss a step? In the initial ingredient list you said 1 green chili, but as you added ingredients to the blender you said green chili paste. What did you do to the chili pepper to make it into a paste, blend it alone? Also, what kind of chili pepper specifically is that? Thanks.

  9. vinodagarwalpune Says:


  10. Psalm23YHVH Says:

    mmmmm wow your videos are mouthwatering, keep up the good work, 2 beautiful ladies cooking amazing stuff, if ever you visit england you can both stay at my home only if you cook for me, infact you can both marry me id be more than happy 8)

  11. 2kjax007 Says:

    Ooo easy and looks really yumm-O

  12. ekta0419 Says:

    can you post Naankhatti recipe.. indian cookies..


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