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Mixing Popular Rum Drinks : Making a Mai Thai Cocktail

Posted on 14 November 2010 by admin     

A Mai Thai is a tropical cocktail that includes rum, triple sec, lime juice, and orange juice. Learn to mix a Mai Thai with tips from an expert bartender in this free drink mixing video. Expert: Shannon Lindholm Bio: Shannon Lindholm has been a bartender for more than 10 years of her 15 years in the foot service industry. Filmmaker: Jess Mason

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  1. honlangthang Says:

    this is not Mai Thai, lady

  2. barcabana Says:

    professionell shakin haha, what a load of rubbish, go learn your job

  3. LifeAmplifier Says:

    1 question: where is the dark rum, you sick noob?

  4. midnightfury661 Says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Worst. Demo.Ever. Don’t even know where to start..

  5. gidoprovato Says:

    I’m sorry for that but you suck!

  6. canersikes Says:

    @wrobelpi Haha i know right !

  7. Menkauros Says:

    No orgeate, u put orange end your shake is so f anemic and your garins is like garbage…

  8. patsarida Says:

    not even close!
    new school bartenting shit!!

    no orgeat?

  9. KashmirShahzad Says:

    Lmfao at how happy she got after she finishe making it hahh

  10. Alquinw Says:

    Love the ‘Special Ingredient’ Fresh Orange… never seen one before, must be v. hard to get hold of. So special!

    Probably the worst cocktail demo I’ve ever seen!

  11. kobdanful Says:

    drink drink ?

    what is a mai thai?

  12. Reak55 Says:

    Fuck sake she sucks
    Mai Thai contains
    Cherry Brandy
    Pinapple and Orangejuice
    Sugar/mixed with water
    Now go make a real one

  13. saraxx2 Says:

    lol …this drink is very good but where she studies because her moves are so wrong

  14. thewhale101 Says:

    Sweetheart, that is not a mai thai :/

  15. zorac91 Says:

    can’t they just disguise the fact that she is reading a bit better? I mean is not that I care much but it looks so NOOB! For that grace I can do like 30+ videos reading a recipe wtf?

  16. tubeaholic Says:


  17. MsShane5 Says:

    Wow! how long have u been bt’n chic?

    u suck!!!

  18. wrobelpi Says:

    1st: she’s reading from a piece of paper under the table top
    2nd: she has no idea how to shake a boston-shaker…. n/c

  19. DurtyDominican Says:


  20. lCidzl Says:

    …… Wow if you fuck up a MAi thai you cant really call your self a bartender … and you shouldnt be putting videos online. … No seriously its like me making a Bocci ball with out the armaretto … it just isnt the same drink.

  21. blackjinjo9 Says:

    She had to repour the drink but THIS time… she was using a strainer…where did that come from, I wonder?

  22. dayingyang0 Says:

    WRONG! Mai Tai has an almond flavor, specifically ORGEAT SYRUP! If you can’t find orgeat syrup then you can use creme de almond, but it won’t be a true mai tai.

    What this lady made was a bad fruity rum mix.

  23. plutoplatters Says:

    LOLed ? now that’s genius!

  24. geetarshredman Says:

    that is not how u make a mai tai…..i have been a professional flair cocktail bartender for the past ten years and i know….as will any other pro….that it is not a mai tai….without almond liquour….creme de almond…or ammeretto or somethin like that….sorry….i know everyone has different ways to mix drinks…but without that vital ingredient….its just WRONG

  25. plhavard Says:

    I would love to bang the bartender I know that much


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