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Posted on 23 November 2012 by admin     

The traditional way to make creamy mashed potatoes is to add loads of butter and cream. But that can hide the flavor of the potatoes, so in this episode of MDRN KTCHN, host Scott Heimendinger explains how a common ingredient called diastatic malt powder can be used to make incredibly smooth and creamy mashed potatoes on the molecular level. You can check out the full recipe here: And, you can buy diastatic malt powder here: Want to learn more? Come back every Sunday for a new episode of MDRN KTCHN, and check out Modernist Cuisine’s new cookbook, Modernist Cuisine at Home: See all the latest modern cooking techniques on the MDRN KTCHN playlist: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. AWS137 Says:

    Fat and bad for the lactose intolerant people,? perhaps?

  2. Ashgabash Says:

    Mashed potatoes should not look like baby food. How the hell is gravy supposed to even? stay on there? It’d just drip right off… No thank you, there’s nothing wrong with traditional mashed potatoes, with butter and milk.

  3. TheVintageKitchen Says:

    As someone who does dairy free and vegan cooking? all the time, world of no 😛

  4. TheVintageKitchen Says:

    I make mashed potatoes for my lactose intolerant family members all the time. Use dairy free margarine and any? soy milk that says it has a “milky taste”.

  5. eyeslikeezera Says:


  6. brittrodriguez86 Says:

    Looks? absolutely gross.

  7. Sutorius76 Says:

    Just? unsubscribed.

  8. ortcutt Says:

    This is the stupidest crap I’ve ever seen. Just make normal mashed potatoes. ? They a delicious with butter and cream.

  9. MylkT1023 Says:

    I like my mashed potatoes with? lots of thick chunks in it!

  10. AWS137 Says:

    Nice. Mashed potatoes for the lactose intolerant. If I owe a? sous vide machine I could have my lactose intolerant friend taste smooth mashed potatoes for once.

  11. upandadam89 Says:

    could you? guys just please stop fucking with mash potatoes?

  12. TheFluffyLemon Says:

    I’ll save this for when I’m 70.?

  13. Johnny Josephs Says:

    Hey.. Put weed? in it.

  14. MrSasyB Says:

    For some reason i read? the last bit of title as My Drunk Kitchen

  15. HemishMeg Says:

    very interesting, although I’ll never use this technique personally, it’s nice? to learn different things.

  16. darkraivscresselia Says:

    you’re doing it? all wrong

  17. Hedgeworth Says:

    Except that’s creamed potatoes not mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes should have? texture. So.

  18. way2unavailable Says:

    Watched it. Love watching all the Chow vids. But if you make mashed potatoes with butter and cream in the? right proportions you should have no problem actually tasting the potatoes.

  19. WalterSwartz Says:

    Interesting… but your book is? $100.00 dollars… Fuck you.

  20. ViiCtOriiA13 Says:

    WTF IS THIS SHIT? -____-

  21. Erin Senpai Says:

    How? is a person going to find that in a super
    market like really.. (~_~;)

  22. Erin Senpai Says:

    …. so were would you find that in a supermarket// anyone see a problem here? (??;)

  23. aztec5000 Says:

    Nasty shit.?

  24. MimiDiva6 Says:

    Looks like baby food…?

  25. inquisitive0ne Says:

    Looks nasty to? me. Looks synthetic.


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