Moong Dal Vadas ( Bhajia, Pakoras, Lentil Fritters) Recipe by Manjula

Posted on 10 September 2011 by admin     

View full recipe at: Learn how to make Moong Dal Vadas ( Bhajia, Pakoras, Lentil Fritters) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. hjones1 Says:

    This is a great gluten-free, lactose-free recipe. Thanks.

  2. taono Says:

    looks lovely manjula, you have a nice recipe for mint raita ?

  3. junkateria Says:

    @Manjulaskitchen Thanks for the speedy reply! I’m excited to make these.

  4. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    @junkateria You can do without asafetida

  5. junkateria Says:

    What is asafetida (hing)? Can something else be substituted or can it just be left out? Anyone who knows, please answer. I would like to make these tomorrow. Thanks!

  6. teknotoast Says:

    Aunty!!! Have you made any videos about how to make a good chutney?

  7. XxsoulrockaxX Says:

    Mmmmm that looks sooo good!

  8. soniasalhan Says:

    hi Aunty… this is my first ever visit to your video… i just wanted to congrats you for making such wonderful and clear videos …..i watched sabudana kichdi recipe it looks awesome.. will try one today (already have soaked the sabudana 🙂
    thanks again !!
    and will make this recipe in the morning for my kids lunch box… minus chillies>

  9. jainaxoxo1 Says:

    I have treed many of your recipes and each of them have been delicious. I cant wait to try this one.

  10. susaninj Says:

    Fantastic recipe. Tried exactly as described in recipe. Came out to be awesome. Outside is very crunchy and inside soft. A treat to the tongue.

  11. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    @bintlooda Red Lentil it is different.

  12. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    Why not , it will give different texture but will come out good.

  13. bintlooda Says:

    Wow luv it .. The first ingediant is it the same of red lentel ?

  14. PariiParo Says:

    Love all your cooking recipes!
    Just had a question .. Instead of mong dal can you use any other dals??

  15. PariiParo Says:

    Love all your recipes !
    Just had one question instead of mong dal can yu use chan dal?

  16. RCDeschene Says:

    Those look awsome!

  17. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    Kitchenaid Brand

  18. jayashreerecipes Says:

    thanks for the recipe… looks very tempting…

  19. hinaasdfghj Says:

    These look really delicious Aunty! I just had one question, which is the mixer that you have?

  20. Voyeur53 Says:


  21. SuperLittlerandom Says:

    your the best !!!

  22. guestaccount26 Says:

    oh those look yummy! I prefer baked or very shallow fried items for health reasons but these do look great!

  23. shan8789 Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!! Thank you so much for this recipe. I always look forward to more from you!

  24. childrenofelohim777 Says:

    thank you EXCELLENT

  25. Girsheliz Says:

    looks delicious!


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