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Mushrooms and Onions Hamburger by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 25 October 2010 by admin     

Sick of those plain old grilled hamburgers? Try this butter sautéed mushrooms and onions burger made from fresh ground beef chuck. It’s easy to do and makes for some real good eating, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. mongoloid33 Says:

    you guys are awesome!

  2. monkeymetro Says:

    sooo hungry now

  3. ermonski Says:

    blues and burgers us the perfect combination for the perfect life

  4. jollyhat1414 Says:

    i’d quickly toast the bread before adding the burger! Otherwise it will be soggy

  5. trumpetchump Says:

    Its 10:00 pm and I am gonna spark up the coals and make a burger!! Damn, Im hungry after watchin the jerky and mushroom onion burger post!!
    And you ate that sucker on bread…..100% authentic, the way burgers are supposed to be eaten!! See ya!

  6. nothadnotbad Says:

    thats a heartattack burger from hell! can i have one? : )

  7. Chickenedful Says:

    I watch every video of the pitboys like 3 times Xd at least the philly cheese steak one more like 7-8 times keep it up cuz it looks reeel Guuuuuuuuuud

  8. chicomath Says:

    these videos make my mouth secrete!

  9. dawg1157 Says:

    @divine0g0d of course not……. it adds to the flavor 🙂

  10. Raps4ever96 Says:

    Yumm !
    Damn this look delicious .

  11. ElPasoTV Says:

    that knife is an Old Hickory (made in the USA since the 1800’s) carbon steel 10″ Butcher, faidley79….it ain’t rusted, dude. But we come here to this channel to learn something new, right?

  12. faidley79 Says:

    that knife looks rusted dude, food looks damn good though

  13. probot65 Says:

    Gay porn that’s good !

  14. suarezphilip Says:

    @BarbecueWeb’s porn comment: Came here n loaded up a good ol BBQ Pit Boys video…said grace n got ready to have my sandwich and found? this….bummer.

  15. ojfraz Says:

    Makes me hungry

  16. benedicttubio Says:


  17. BarbecueWeb Says:

    hey benedicttubio, actually some of the music we license is also licensed by the Porn Biz. Makes sense. Good tastin’ women, or good tastin’ burgers….sometimes it’s a toss..! (: -BBQ Pit Boys

  18. blackberryboldjeff Says:

    @realeyz This is an good old fashioned All-American white man burger video…go paint your room pink and go to Target to look for some frilly accent pillows

  19. benedicttubio Says:

    lol..the 1st background music reminds me of softcore playboy..haha

  20. 3BricksHigher Says:

    Gotta try this one out. The butter bread at the end looked great. Another fav!

  21. realeyz Says:

    Well I don’t know the specific history of onion rolls or sourdough rolls, but Im thinking they aren’t a new concept. I’m willing to bet that “classic” burgers don’t include processed wonder bread used as buns. Whatever bread you did actually use in that video it at least deserves a mention doesn’t it? Regardless of the bread used, it adds a lot to the way any burger tastes.

  22. ElPasoTV Says:

    point well taken, realeyz, but these are classic burgers, the way it was done in “the Days” before “sourdough rolls or onion rolls”. Serve them up the way you want…pit boys style..!

  23. realeyz Says:

    The music and the narration of this are hilarious. Well done. On another note, if you put that much effort into your burgers.. enough to actually document your process in a video, then might I suggest you actually take some time to think about the kind of bun you use for your burger. White slices of bread IMHO is a sad end to what looked like a pretty decent burger. Try sourdough rolls or onion rolls prepared like garlic bread for your buns. It will blow you taste buds out of the water.

  24. enriquejil Says:

    I like the fact you guys use a machete!! Cool…!

  25. bachtoons Says:

    so damn good…cant wait to try tomorrow..damn…!!!


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