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My Go-To – Mark McClusky’s Go-To DIY American Cheese

Posted on 28 November 2012 by admin     

This episode features Mark McClusky, special projects editor at Wired magazine and He has reported on and learned about modernist cuisine from some of its most well-known pioneers. His recipe uses a scientific approach to cooking. Want to see what other chefs and celebrities are preparing in their own homes? Check out the My Go-To show page: For more recipes, stories and videos, visit CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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  1. bvestationfan Says:

    If you really need time to process what NaCl means then I sincerely apologize for your lack of knowledge in basic Chemistry.?

    Why don’t you go shove some Fr + H2O up your sorry ass.

  2. Brian Garcia Says:

    what a dork. he? wrote NaCl instead of SALT on his piece of paper….dork…

  3. deadeaded Says:

    teach us how to make that? awesome bread!!!

  4. daichi2097 Says:

    We can, but we pronounce it in English. If we were speaking Dutch I’m sure we’d pronounce it differently. Surely when foreign words enter the Dutch language their pronunciation changes too??

  5. paperchasin23 Says:

    What? a fuckin pussy

  6. adfaaccfc Says:

    mmm…? 64 lonchas de queso americano…

  7. CarrieRawwz Says:

    Wait…he melted? cheese then let it set then melted it again on bread Hmmm

  8. artofvoice Says:

    calling it a velveeta is an insult to the GOOD REAL cheese being used here. Velveeta is a “cheese food? product” or whatever. also…insert obligatory dorito consomme joke.

  9. sonicpacker Says:

    i? love magic white powders

  10. toscomovil Says:

    no shiting for? a moth

  11. QuadrupleJeta Says:

    Awkward moment when he? makes grilled cheese the wrong way….according to another video. But that does look amazing

  12. isax Says:

    WHY can’t americans(and british for that matter)? pronounce gouda. ugh. /hardthingsinthelifeofadutchgirl

  13. 2007TypeR Says:

    He has to EXPLAIN how to tare a scale. This is the state of society these days that dumb fucks need an? explanation.

  14. droompht Says:

    Cheebus loves me,? dis I know

  15. JimJamtheSailor Says:

    Anyone who cooks or bakes seriously. There are a lot? of recipes out there that measure by weight.

  16. lordart9 Says:

    Love the cheese, but kinda bothered by the whole measuring thing.?

  17. emouch1 Says:

    whats going on???? no doritos consomme comment on the top????? what is happening??? is the world ending???

  18. henbees Says:

    i never? liked american cheese 🙁

  19. Dantaeus Says:

    This guy? has so many scales i think he is a secret drug dealer

  20. Nippyton Says:

    He loves Gouda!?

  21. erago54321 Says:

    i ate cheese of some girls? titties…. what kind?

  22. Brendan Aziz Says:

    u must be a? huge eater/person then!

  23. andersbrtlsn Says:

    Every person out of America. ?

  24. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Please…you use a food processor? and pre-packaged carrageenan? I bet you use store bought flour for your bread. F@#$ing poseur.

  25. realshiznit Says:

    magic white powder? 😉