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No-Knead Pizza Dough Recipe – Easy No-Knead Pizza Dough

Posted on 18 January 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make an Easy No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this No-Knead Pizza Dough!

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  1. Smartass8504 Says:

    @foodwishes Chef John, can you freeze this pizza dough? If so, for how long?

  2. vadont Says:

    your pizza look tasty

    mine doesn’t =(

  3. kaymizzai Says:

    that’s cool. my boyfriend wants me to make this for him. i will if he’s lucky. haha

  4. Appel97 Says:

    love how u take up 1 slice and when it comes back it have 3 chews in it

  5. alethakays Says:

    Why did you hit the table?

  6. capnbly7 Says:

    “Third degree molten cheese burns are not fine.” I laughed hysterically at that…

  7. wowowismine Says:

    to be honest, that pizza doesnt look so good, bleh

  8. Iguanaseeyou Says:

    @yellowman88 try barbecue boys

  9. Vouk73 Says:

    Just rip the mozarella apart with your fingers!

    No need for cutting 😉
    Also, if you heat up the sheet pan, the bottom get’s even more crispy and a little more charred. (The black parts make it smokey and better! Not too black tho… or it gets cancery)

  10. OurBestMusicChannel Says:

    what kind of oven are you using for this pizza? do you need the one with the grill or that cooks from both the bottom and the upper part? I have a gas food and it just cooks from the bottom. Will it work?

  11. 19dec1981 Says:

    i can tell from own experience. find yourself a a granith or marble board (not too thick as it gets very heavy). bake pizza on that in the oven, or any dough for that matter
    its the biggest cheat that you can make in terms of baking doughs.
    it will come out just like those ones in wood fire ovens [or at least surprisingly similar]

  12. pinkrhythm04 Says:

    hahahaa i just love you Chef John’re freaking funny.

  13. DragonKid562 Says:


  14. hotkonto Says:

    Everyone should try this! So much better than premade store bought, and you actually know what’s in it 😀

    @karansb If you want pizza for dinner tomorrow just do the first part and put it in the fridge, then the next day it wont even take you 30 mins to finish it.

  15. JessicaPersonalChef Says:

    Love it!!! Food of love!

  16. BoneyG57 Says:

    Oh Man I just mastered the old version…..Damn you Food wishes! But I can’t wait to try it…Pizza on monday night.

  17. BakerAero Says:

    does that cat have a tail ?

  18. yellowman88 Says:

    Is it possible to grill a pizza? If so how would i do it

  19. Cenileuqcaj Says:

    hhahahahha in complaining about not having made pizza in my death bed?? that’s hilarious! :D:D thanks for making your videos so entertaining to watch :):)

  20. micknetdrive Says:

    Triffic Video

  21. wygram Says:

    i love how you say ‘and that’s all there is to this recipe’.. just wait 18 hours! haha
    but that’s just funny.. now let’s get down to business.
    that pizza looks delicious… i would kill.

  22. emperorscrumbs Says:

    thin crust! way to go…

  23. karansb Says:

    @pyrogirl1985 so u get the point?? then shut up and live on with ur life

  24. pyrogirl1985 Says:

    Somebody doesn’t get the point.

  25. AbstractMan23 Says:

    “RSAT”? hahahaha


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