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Posted on 19 November 2010 by admin     

Orange Cake recipe NICKO’S DAILY VIDEO DIARY TWITTER: FACEBOOK: NICKO’S T-SHIRTS Ingredients: 2 cups SR flour (or plain with 2 tsp baking powder) 1 cup sugar grated rind of 1 orange juice of 1 orange 2 eggs 1/3 cup milk 1 tsp cinnamon SYRUP Juice of 2 oranges 1/2 cup sugar ENJOY! ~ Nicko Music from Nicko’s Kitchen is from Used with permission

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  1. avivelevovii Says:


  2. Heeroy2 Says:

    I did this but for some reason my cake manage to get a bit doughy texture/taste

  3. sandnigga10 Says:

    measurements please, thank you for the help

  4. medetit Says:


  5. EriLove1920 Says:

    hi 🙂
    I’m new to baking and love to watch your channel. My question is how important is a sifter when baking because I notice you use it a lot

    Thank you!

  6. Jzilla228 Says:

    @NickosKitchen Can you make Peppermint ice cream or some sort of ice cream easy to make. Or basil fried rice.

  7. anashuabanerji Says:

    Hey Nicko,i love your nice and hearty videos and share your love for good food 🙂
    about this cake…how come you don’t use any butter or oil? does it taste different? just wanna be sure before making it 🙂

  8. berrymallika Says:

    @NickosKitchen hey could u plz plz do a video on croissants plz plz plz..luv ur food

  9. berrymallika Says:

    hey, i absolutely love ur reciepes….i have actually started cooking after ages….could u plz do a video on how to make crossants….plz plz. tnx

  10. MortenFS95 Says:

    hey nicko, ive been watching MANY of your cookingvideos and im wondering since youve made a new account for nickoskitchen,, are you bein sponsored? are you making any money on this? would love to do this like you later in my life, but now im only 14

  11. redglasses33 Says:

    Subscribed! Love it…now im hungry

  12. corvairlover65 Says:

    Dude! I would love to see you on hell’s kitchen. I think you would do pretty good.

  13. JumbaChick85 Says:

    that is an awesome tip for decreasing the HUMP syndrome in most cakes.

  14. MelodyOfVision Says:

    Oooh, that looks like heaven! Thank you for the recipe!

  15. AussieBrock Says:

    I wish it was possible to thumbs up a million times. 🙁

  16. MrAirgunlover Says:

    just about to make the syrup for it made the cake before it smells soooooo good

  17. MrAirgunlover Says:

    @Tiban 125

  18. gcarped Says:

    @fathead431 A “cup” is .5 pint, or 8 ounces (liquid), or approx. 227 grams. It is not a ramdom amount, just an imperial measurement. Happy cooking. 🙂

  19. SweetSourCherryApple Says:

    Is there something in this world that you c a n ‘ t do?! 😀 ?

  20. stinkyslinky432 Says:

    @NickosKitchen Do you have a website with all your recipes?

  21. Makron5 Says:

    I’ve got a recipe: Kitchen Flambe

    Take some oil, the more the better for this recipe and put it in a pan on high heat. Wait until the oil is hot enough that you start to see some wisps of flame and place as much water as possible into the mixture. This will lift the whole thing up and boom instant kitchen flambe. Your guests will scream for this hot party item.

  22. Tiban Says:

    @fathead431 a cup is 250ml

  23. MiZNectarine Says:

    haha you say “one of my favorites” in just about every video! I’m like that too i LOVE food!!

  24. Makron5 Says:

    I’m waiting for the time when he tastes something and instead of going ‘oooh its so good’ he falls over choking like Masaokis making some sort of mutant cassarole out of Tuna and hotdogs.

  25. juntekim Says:

    i got a idea for wednesday,

    Upside down pudding cake


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