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Oscars Recipe Ideas, Quick Tip : Working Class Foodies

Posted on 21 December 2010 by admin     

We’ve got another quick tip for you this week to help you enjoy the Oscars 2010 Awards show happening this weekend. We’ve spotlighted some of our past recipes as well as a few interesting popcorn recipes from our friends, so check them out and let us know what you think.Spicy Popcorn from Taste Caramel Corn from Lick the Bowl Lime Tequila Buttermilk Caramel Class Foodies is a weekly how-to cooking show on the Hungry Nation network with great food, organic recipes, and affordable cooking tips. Website: Class Foodies Twitter: Nation Twitter:

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  3. dillpickleboocutie Says:

    I love how hes acting soooo hard in the beginning

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  7. lexmembrana Says:

    PLEASE prepare something with noodles!!!

  8. Fancylooks Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean, maybe I misunderstood your words about Adriá and took them the other way.
    Come to Spain and enjoy aunthentic Spanish tortilla, with or without onion, you’ll love it… if you like eggs and potato together.
    Good luck.

  9. mikenike504 Says:

    What issue is that? It only serves my point. If Adria did a spin on the tortilla, he would have “Spanish tortilla” in the title, but it isn’t authentic/traditional.

  10. greenphlem Says:

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  11. Fancylooks Says:

    I don’t agree, but I just won’t continue writing down my opinion, I see it will be useless, a waste of time!
    It is funny how you skipped the Ferrán Adriá issue.

  12. mikenike504 Says:

    Because the recipe is closer to a tortilla than an omelette, hence their calling it a tortilla.

  13. Fancylooks Says:

    OK, do you seriously think Ferrán Adriá serves authentic food of any kind at El Bulli?

    Anyway, if the recipe they show is not the really typical Spanish tortilla, they could call it potato omelette, for example, but not Spanish tortilla. Yeah, right…

  14. mikenike504 Says:

    What is the point of being authentic when you’re not even in Spain? Sheesh, they’re also foodies, for heaven’s sake, so they look to improve on things. You think Ferran Adria will serve authentic Spanish tortilla at elBulli? Yeah, right…

  15. lazyhazycrazy Says:

    Funny how there was a Hot Pockets ad before the video started. So inappropriate! :p

  16. krukka Says:

    Yayh! Max is back!

  17. Fancylooks Says:

    That Spanish tortilla in minute 0:31 looks nothing like the real thing… What are those red pieces inside it supposed to be? Chorizo? (alright, some people put chorizo in it, but it is not usual) And those pieces of leaves… are those bay leaves? I’ve never seen a Spanish tortilla with leaves in it, appart from parsley. And also, it is too thin to be a normal Spanish Tortilla…it may be a tortilla alright, but not the Spanish kind.

  18. vivaDanielle Says:

    how about all you haters get up and make your own recipe entries for the contest hmm?

  19. thiskidglows Says:

    come on guys. everyone needs vacation. I mean all the shows you see on tv are off ALL summer…. these guys need a break too!!

  20. 667985 Says:

    Where’s the working class foodies that I used to love?

  21. philosophymixtapes Says:

    Hate to say it… but I agree 🙁

  22. Lariiperson Says:

    Beermisu 🙂

  23. ein08by Says:

    poor, crass, leftover nonsense. just do the videos, please !

  24. marisotoserna Says:

    i’m liking the spicey popcorn!
    Can’t wait for u guys to be back in action!


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