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Peda Recipe by Manjula, Indian Sweets

Posted on 03 March 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make Peda Recipe by Manjula View full recipe at Ingredients: 3/4 cup paneer (check the recipe for how to make paneer) 3/4 cup milk powder 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar 3 tablespoon unsalted butter (ghee) 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder For Garnish: 1 tablespoon sliced pistachios

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  1. 2619851 Says:

    its so easy, i like your recipe…

  2. ayesha601 Says:

    aunty what kind of milk powder do we need for this recipe???

  3. princessgwen77 Says:

    Can’t wait to try this!! Does anyone know how well the khoa comes out if you use store-bought paneer rather than home-made? Thank you, Aunty. : )

  4. paheli0801 Says:

    excellent ….i tried this recipy and peda came out excellent…..this is the recipy i was loking for since many years…..i tried so many different ways and recipy to make this pedas….but non worked…….but now i am happy….now i can do more expriments with this…recipy….thank you aunty…you are simply superb…….

  5. dwarf108 Says:

    Are you using sugar powder. How can sugar as a whole get mixed with mixure
    without diluting or making powder please explain.

  6. iopyne Says:

    Manjula aunty you are great!

  7. TheAngeleyes247 Says:

    hello manjula antie how r u i want to say thank you so much for showing us these wonderful receipes i love cooking and i wanted to learn how to make these type sweet i love pedas i love jelebies so thank you so much i look at how u make it and try myself and want my family to taste my food keep up the gud work and ill be xisiting you everyday byeeee

  8. suman887 Says:

    hey aunt…..

    u r suprb…

    i tried pedas bt it dint work out…the mixtur ws vry sticky…

    wat wud hv went wrong????pllllzz tell

  9. ArjunBharathiKrishna Says:

    Thank you for your recepie. I tried rasagulla, it came out verywell. The first time I tried it.

  10. divya12002 Says:

    can i make burfi and kaland with same recipe.

    is this the only method of making khoya at home?

    I really like the way you make khoya and then made pedas out of it.
    Pls reply

  11. divya12002 Says:

    Hi Aunty

    Really a geat recipe.
    can you pls tell me thatcan we make burfi and kalakand with the same method.

    pls reply

  12. MissRaniKaur Says:

    hello manjula ji i made pedas today so tasty thanks

  13. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    You cooked for too long.

  14. treats2eat Says:

    autntie i tried to make them ,don’t know why they came out a crumbley not smooth
    the dough look like small bits in it did i cook it too long ?? please write back

  15. NeelimaShah Says:

    I want these for Diwali and am going to try making them this afternoon. Thank you for the recipe Aunty!

  16. prtishr Says:

    Aunty Can I use condensed milk instead of Milk Powder? Also If I take Ready made paneer. How much should I use?

  17. killmewithouthurt Says:

    cardamom is choti eliachi

  18. mtorres718 Says:

    this looks delicious !!!whare can i find cardamom?

  19. MeNature Says:

    easy to cook and delicious!!! thanks a lot.

  20. Manjulaskitchen Says:

    It should be 3/4 cup of paneer, milk and milk powder

  21. meowmeowrowr323 Says:

    I love you! I’m finally learning to cook the food my mom used to make 🙂

  22. terrifina1977 Says:

    hi manjula ….i would like to know if i can use ricotta cheese instead paneer?

  23. soniavimal1 Says:

    aunty whn u just add the sugar, when u eat it will u feel the crunch of th e sugar??
    can i use fine sugar??
    pls reply

  24. AnuschayRizwan Says:

    @harremkashif Mustard seed are Sarsoun ke daanay. it’s for Tarka simmer.

  25. JJANGEL1979 Says:

    hi aunty all ur food looks so good i hope i become like you in my kitchen.. A brilliant chef!!!!!


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