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Perfect Margarita

Posted on 14 December 2010 by admin     

Making the perfect, yet simple, Margarita with real lime juice, Grand Marnier and Cavalino Reposado Tequila

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  1. Slinky5rva Says:

    Great technique.

  2. TonyFbaby87 Says:


    You idiot u don’t even know how to squeeze a lime? HAHAHAHA You just made ur self look like a dumbass.

  3. PioCymbals08 Says:

    @alistair0077 If you put it in that way the juice wouldn’t be able to come out of the bottom since the rind would be against the concave part, where the holes are. Good job.

  4. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @alistair0077 lol, you aren’t serious are you? I hope not! Because, well… I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re not exactly on the correct side of right.

    The way we’re doing it was how it was designed (ie. the way that doesn’t make a mess). Google “how to squeeze a lime” and then come back to watch the rest of the video 🙂

  5. alistair0077 Says:

    Uhh… Maybe the reason the limes don’t fit in the lime squeezer is because the guy puts them in backwards…… See how the concave part of the lime squeezer would fit against the flat portion of the lime….. OMG it’s almost like it was made to work that way…. LEARN TO USE A LIME SQUEEZER BEFORE TRYING TO TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO

  6. everydaydrinkers Says:

    That was more of a stutter than an accent, I had to listen a few times to figure it out, I think it was more “tongue tied” as I’ve never used the term “quarta’s” before. 🙂

  7. slugger1983 Says:

    Sick random Boston accent at 2:18-2:22

  8. 7149746 Says:

    Life is definitely better with Tequila!!!

  9. joseangel28 Says:

    cooolll!! thanks

  10. Kiddowesth Says:

    Amazing! I did this,! tasts good! Very good!


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