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Perfect Vodka Martini Recipe

Posted on 08 November 2010 by admin Check out more how to bartending videos at http 2 week class with job placement call 800-532-8222

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  1. xStrigoi Says:

    The best vodka there is is the Grey Goose or the Stolichnaya… screw Smirnoff,

  2. Elmanfre Says:

    The name is vodka martini and he didn’t use MARTINI???he used GALLO(????)(WTF),and for vodka he used smirnoff (???) (WTF2) one of the orrible commercial vodka, you must use grey goose or belvedere or beluga!you have to wash the ice with martini and not put inside with vodka!!!

  3. Jejeco Says:

    @zyatkoff what would you say it’s a good vodka mate?? Im from brazil, and we don’t have a whole bunch of varieties in here…

  4. Jejeco Says:

    I like my martini with 30% of vermouth and 70% of vodka =)

    and olives!!!! way better than lemon peel…

  5. garshogal Says:

    This video makes me sad. So many things. I mean a jigger? So sad

  6. derekmasuda Says:

    This guy has no finesse

  7. Strd95 Says:

    I like the way he drops the things under the bar 2:25 – 2:28

  8. Swerese Says:

    mmm Absolut

  9. maaslax8 Says:

    @wedderburn1986 that is not true! of course you can taste a huge difference. you cannot taste it in a super fruity cocktail, but in a martini can’t use cheap vodka like smirnoff

  10. Perbear213 Says:


  11. wedderburn1986 Says:

    @zyatkoff Actually believe it or not Smirnoff wins best tasting Vodka award year after year. I personally don’t like the taste of Smirnoff, however when making a cocktail you cant taste the difference.

  12. wedderburn1986 Says:

    @Skip44 A Martini should always be stirred. Shaking come into play when adding juice.

  13. Selah726 Says:

    This is a dry martini, a perfect martini needs sweet vermouth…

  14. Skip44 Says:

    Shaken, not stirred!!

  15. mjulianstudios Says:

    Did that guy just say Smirnoff was good Vodka? lulz

  16. TKbrands17 Says:

    Sorry, shaken, not stirred please :D.

    Thanks! i’m very interested in these cocktails

  17. DjHipHopPopLock Says:

    am I the only person that imagines this guy should have a pony tail? i do know why, i just think he should

  18. arturo1m Says:

    Thanks. very explicit it was helpfull

  19. TomAR4YA Says:

    What about Parliament? Tell us a bit ’bout russian vodka!

  20. ramsay2113 Says:

    this is a dry martini not a perfect martini

  21. moritynz Says:

    If you want it shaken then your stuffing it up… it becomes a different drink then.

    Oh and at the program… please dear god be more gentle on the ice… stirring a martini is a gentle thing not the thrashing you gave it.

  22. Kaidoscope Says:

    very great channel

  23. MrCaptainMarvel1 Says:

    this guy looks pissed lol.. girls drink this men drink lager (beer) lol

  24. bandostyle Says:

    no is a drink that usually is ordered by men.

  25. USAF529 Says:

    ive always thought of it as unisex but it does ome off as slightly manly because of movies like james bond


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