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Que Pasa Jelly Baby Cocktail Making Video

Posted on 27 November 2010 by admin     

Make yourself the yummy Jelly Baby cocktail, and recreate the Que Pasa experience in your very own home!

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  1. hellohello66666 Says:

    i had this at a club, and they put the snapps and the malibu in the pinapple, it was well good

  2. rever223 Says:

    It tastes bloody amazing

  3. dulnikdula Says:

    anyone knows the name of that tune ?

  4. lillottie007 Says:

    mine never looked like that!! haha

  5. TheCrazyCrusaders Says:

    Me gusta mucho…Hell…how much alcohol!!! One of those and my legs would turn to jelly and I’d be crawling around the floor like a baby!!

  6. hugazolopez Says:

    now i wanna taste it 😀

  7. dopewhisky Says:



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