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Quick Tip – Cookie Bowls

Posted on 13 June 2012 by admin     

Jack attempts to make Cookie Bowls. Here’s how. Turn cupcake pan upside down. butter or oil entire bottom of pan. place small amount of cookie dough on bottom of each cupcake section. Bake 12-13 minutes let cool for a moment then carefully remove. Be sure to post your pictures at

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. simplelife008 Says:

    or? just have a cookie sundae.. cookie on bottom ice cream on top lol

  2. geekishglamour Says:

    This is total comfort food! =D?

  3. MsKimi26 Says:

    I tried this today without watching a video. Lol? bad idea. I ended up with a huge cookie. I will try again tomorrow.

  4. RockySmokeySushi Says:

    holy shit that looks amazing?

  5. JamieSangret00 Says:

    Well, that’s rude. ?

  6. poool157 Says:

    You should have put the chocolate? on top.

  7. jiujitsukillah Says:

    This guy needs to review heart disease medication? and treadmills!

  8. Solange4000 Says:


  9. midgetturtle23 Says:

    Now, flip the big top cupcake over and do it? :0

  10. Chromeo90 Says:

    Awesome tip? Jack

  11. gibsondanny Says:

    ???? by biscuits what do you mean… to me, cookies ARE biscuits? haha

  12. Thanatos420 Says:

    …That…was awesome. I seriously need to do? this. Can’t believe I never thought to do it before…seems so simple and the end result looked like the physical embodiment of amazing.

  13. pinklovingirl Says:

    my mom did that same exact thing but with? biscuits and made them into tacos…UMM!!!!

  14. Marc4Mayor Says:

    hey jack, have you heard of the swizzz prozz or whatever that thing is called. look it up. it looks cool, but its prob a? ripoff

  15. jakatak69 Says:

    yes. I know BJ’s and pazookies.? I’ll add to my list.

  16. ZombieEatUxX Says:

    wow? this looks good..

  17. Blurgle3 Says:

    Man, Jack, they look great for kids, but all that sweetness makes my tummy hurt by? proxy!

  18. rickyboy951 Says:

    Hey jake try n make poozokies im sure you have been to bj restaurant. I live in the inland empire and? have fam all over orange county. All it is is you cook a big cookie like in a pie pot. And when it’s done nice and still hot put ice cream on it and everyone have at it.

  19. AuntDuddie Says:

    So darn? cute. I make cookie bowls but not like this – I think these are GREAT for kids!!!!

  20. GwresYnKernow Says:

    Awesome idea? Jack! Very similar to the way I do tuille baskets at work, never thought of doing it with cookie dough. 😮

  21. graywolf82002 Says:

    I would love to see you team-up with epic meal time.?

  22. NoamTube Says:

    I’m going to make this for the next UFC event my friends come over to. ?

  23. samiah515 Says:

    Good Job!?

  24. astigide24 Says:

    Dear Jack,?
    you saw this on
    YEP. your soul has been taken too 🙂

  25. LovelyOne625 Says:

    Thumbs up if u remember? this from 9gag! 3


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