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Rainbow rice cake (“mujigae ddeok”)

Posted on 19 July 2011 by admin     

How to make this beautiful and delicious multilayer Korean rice cake. The written recipe and photos and tips are posted on my website. I’m going to introduce a beautiful Korean rice cake today. It’s called mujigae ddeok (????). Mujigae means rainbow, so my ancestors must have got the idea for the name from a rainbow! I love it! This is an example of how they incorporated natural beauty into their everyday life. Even though the name of the rice cake is “rainbow rice cake,” it is usually made with only 3-5 different colored layers. That’s why this rice cake is sometimes called “colorful rice cake” (??, saekddeok). In this recipe, I am using 5 different colors from bottom to top: brown, green, yellow, pink, and white. This rice cake is made on special occasions like a baby’s 1 year old birthday, or a wedding. As you see in this video, making this rice cake takes a lot of effort and time, even though the ingredients are comparatively simple. However, if you make this rice cake for someone very special in your life, you wouldn’t care much about time and effort. : ) You may wish this while you’re rubbing the rice flour with your palms: “I wish my baby becomes healthy, smart, and a good, warm-hearted person!” “I wish my parents have healthy and long life!” “To show my love for my lovely husband (or wife) !” Leave a comment and let me know what you wish when you make this! Cooking time: 1.5 hours Ingredients: A 2 pound package of frozen rice flour, sugar

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  1. kyoysloane Says:

    cool!!! looks beautiful and delicious!!!

  2. 85ssgrl Says:

    This cake is beatiful……..and all of your video’s are great! You should be on foodnetwork!

  3. Maangchi Says:

    @nrsabu haha, thanks!

  4. nrsabu Says:

    people must really love u on the holidays :]

  5. osusnu Says:

    the worst part of the video is watching you taste it….bc i want to eat it too!!!

  6. hannahmissocoollike Says:


  7. GazeRock123 Says:

    Mini cleaver haha

  8. kpopdancefull Says:

    me gusta

  9. Ryogu Says:

    It’s art

  10. puffypink822 Says:

    Do u have to put pine nuts and all that

  11. puffypink822 Says:


  12. Maangchi Says:

    @puffypink822 Good luck! Check out the recipe on my website.

  13. puffypink822 Says:

    I’m going to make this Friday because I went some that please please please

  14. puffypink822 Says:

    I want to make this bad!!!!!!!!!

  15. Maangchi Says:

    @SugarRush694 : ) cute!

  16. SugarRush694 Says:

    I was kind of sad when you wrapped it up, because I really wanted to see you take a peace out, so I was very happy when you unwrapped it ^^ its such a pretty cake 🙂

  17. nikki2giovi Says:

    “it takes a long time to make this but once you make this you’ll be so proud of yourself..” xD would it work if i grain some regular rice?

  18. kidinhell Says:

    yummy rice cake i maded one look at the rainbows

  19. kidinhell Says:

    love it

  20. frank19651378472 Says:

    Simply beautiful. Congratulations. I will try it. You can be sure.

  21. tinu0121 Says:

    where do you get that sifter from? I need a good sifter for cake flour. Thank you.

  22. Maangchi Says:

    @1703cathe Hi, thank you for your interest in my rainbow rice cake recipe. One of my blog readers made this rice cake with dried rice flour (short grain rice) and posted how she made on my website. Type in “How to make rainbow rice cake with dried rice flour” on the search box on my website.

  23. 1703cathe Says:

    I try to make it but I can’t find any frozen rice flour. then, can you suggest any replacement flour?

  24. SHINeegirl1234 Says:

    @MsSpecialkei depending on where you live some states have asian markets and some don’t you can go to the nearest asian market and find rice flour.

  25. tekboysp Says:

    mmmm i want to eat that lol


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