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Rasam Powder Making Made Easier

Posted on 23 November 2010 by admin     

Rasam powder is now commercially available . It is an important powder not only for making rasam easily but also in other indian recipes such as gojju, puli ogray, and gojju avval.. Here is an easy way to make rasam powder easily .. this is my own recipe .. hope it works well for you .. The ingredients – 2 measures red chilly peices, 1 measure dhaniya seeds, 1 measure jeera ( cummin seeds ), one measure yellow mustard seeds ( menthem), 2 measures of curry leaves ( karepak / kare pattha ), 1 teaspoon of hing, 1 teaspoon of haldi ( turmeric powder ).. Take all in a kadai ( except the hing and the haldi ) and roast on a low flame till the chillies and curry leaves get crispy .. be sure to uniformly roast all .. then add the hing and the haldi.. wait to cool to room temperature and grind .. Note: Chillies can be very hot or not so hot you need to find out the correct amount of chillies to add by trials on a small batch first and either increase or decrease the proportion according to taste..

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  1. LARAN1971 Says:

    You are absolutely the best – I love all of ur videos – so creatively done – and yet so simple to follow!

  2. oldernwiser0 Says:

    im glad you found it useful ! thanks for commenting .. cheers ! 🙂

  3. chrisjapan Says:

    Thanks very useful,

  4. shsandhya Says:

    Except for the Red chillies, I followed all spice measurements to the thee & my rasam powder was amazing !!! Thanks for posting this uncle 🙂

  5. oldernwiser0 Says:

    i have posted two varieties of ‘sambhars’, viz, kolambu and nalgari which are both the types of sambhar that are in use here … just see if they could be of use ? cheers ! 🙂

  6. cobradene Says:

    Thanks for the info. But I wonder how come there are no videos for making sambar powder?

  7. anwe2008 Says:

    Thank you for clarifying!
    Your recipes are very easy to follow. Thank you very much for taking the time to share them.

  8. oldernwiser0 Says:

    thank you for pointing this out; in this case one measure is 50 ml by volume, i go by volumes only as a matter of practise.. hope this clarifies and am sure you would be able to make a great rasam powder …all the best .. cheers !:-)

  9. anwe2008 Says:

    HI, Thank you very much for sharing the recipe. I am looking forward to making it. But I am unable to figure out what is the ratio of Hing with other ingredients. All other ingredients you mention one “measure”, but for Haldi and Hing you use one Tea-spoon.

  10. oldernwiser0 Says:

    it is very easy to make, much cheaper than commercial ones and you can control the taste according to your own likes .. and it is fascinating to learn that a slight change in the roasting or grinding can make a big difference in the outcome of the rasam ! am sure you will enjoy this … cheers ! 🙂

  11. devkiran1 Says:

    i didnt know its so easy to make. Thanks

  12. oldernwiser0 Says:

    sadly .. there is no substitute.. and if you skip this ingredient, you can not make a good rasam powder.. it will be like the commercially available ones .. i could not make out where you live but it is usually available in indian grocery stores if in the usa ..

  13. habibi15 Says:

    wat can i use instead of curry leaves because i cant find them where i live???..please give me a substitution!!!!!

  14. oldernwiser0 Says:

    yellow mustard seeds are methi seeds .. in tamil it is called menthyam.. in telugu it is called menthulu .. hope that clarifies .

  15. sumisumi321 Says:

    What is tat yellow mustard seeds? is tat a moong dal?

  16. oldernwiser0 Says:

    thanks for your encouraging comments .. there is much more you can do with this rasam powder than rasam only as you will see in my future postings ..

  17. minu24 Says:

    Had made rasam from this rasam powder as u have given in your rasam recipe. That was superb! A different powder which is available in market when used didnt give the same flavour and taste as this.


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