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RAVIOLI RECIPE ft Ricky Ficarelli – SORTED

Posted on 27 September 2011 by admin     

Pasta is great and so readily available both dried and fresh in supermarkets. But have you ever tried making it yourself. It’s not as tricky as you might think and can be great fun to get rolling with friends. This butternut squash filling makes for a fantastic autumn meal. And all created for our YouTube drummer friend… Ricky Ficarelli. Get the Recipe Get ahead for next week… Follow us on Facebook Get the recipe books at:-

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  1. phynazissocoollike Says:

    Haha. THYME flies 😛

  2. sortedfood Says:

    @syn010110 So true! They make great bar snacks! Used to do them at the hotel I worked in! 😀

  3. syn010110 Says:

    =O SAVE THOSE SEEDS. Toast them in an iron skillet with a tiny bit of butter, then season lightly with sea salt and cayenne pepper!

  4. kadensgrandpa08 Says:

    when cutting onis reeze them 5 min’s and never a tear again mate

  5. MrSanguineous Says:

    2:22-2:24 sounds like neil from inbetweeners

  6. sortedfood Says:

    @FoZZydaBoss Let us know how you get on. Maybe a photo to our Facebook page? Be the first person to submit a photo of this recipe! 😀

  7. FoZZydaBoss Says:

    thx ill be cooking this tonight

  8. sortedfood Says:

    @SugarChild13 Sorry! :S haha

  9. SugarChild13 Says:

    Ok. Lemme just say that every time I watch ur videos, even if it’s not something I would eat and no matter what time I had eaten before i always end up STARVING. IT’S LIKE FOOD NETWORK.

  10. illoutsingdemi Says:

    I’m glad Mike’s in this video. 🙂 He’s too adorable!

  11. SuperLizardBean Says:

    @stewartyu no homo XD

  12. NStewart1993 Says:

    Barry’s chopping is getting better 😉 although you could have roasted it in the skin, but just cut in half then scoop out the squash, for those who aren’t as good with a knife as Barry! 😛

  13. kabel2011 Says:

    check this out:

    apolandia. com

  14. georginasinclairb Says:

    @heelrunner salted water, lol.

  15. heelrunner Says:

    Sorted water? Wtf is Sorted water? >_<

  16. lemonarm Says:

    you said ”hell”

  18. katheyleen Says:

    Jaw wired shut, not allowed to eat solids for 6 weeks, and for some inexplicable (and probably not very smart) reason, I find myself HERE, watching every last Sorted video……………………………………. *wipes drool* :o)

  19. MsDidifer Says:

    I can’t eat food with too much fat and dairy, but I love pasta. I’m also not a fan of tomatoes, which makes finding italian recipes I like really hard. Could you help?

  20. ElephantsAreSoCool Says:

    Sauces would be a great idea.

  21. TPob53553d Says:

    I am in love with that stand mixer!

  22. 1337HxC Says:

    I find a certain irony in watching this while eating Velveeta instant mac and cheese

  23. wrapupinarug Says:

    @dari1703 Not a silly question at all, although they are exactly the same vegetable! Hope I could help 🙂

  24. KrOHime Says:

    @sortedfood Thank U I’ll Do that!

  25. SubtlyDifferent Says:

    5.15 Or you buy a ravioli attachment for your pasta maker.
    Or one of those trays.

  26. calakihata Says:

    @KrOHime Depending on your geographical location, there are quite a few markets that sell pasta flour. Such as: Whole Foods Mkt-Trader Joes-Central Mkt and/or Market Street(Texas)-Sprouts Market-I have also found it in a lot of grocery chain bulk food bins. Bobs Red Mill is the brand that I like to use and that is usually most readily available.


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