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Raw Bread

Posted on 04 May 2012 by admin     

Have you ever heard of RAW BREAD? If you haven’t the you need to checkout this incredible recipe by Sarah Katoa with Listen in as Sarah show’s you how to make this awesome recipe.

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. turntapzap Says:

    Looks delicious!? The bread too.

  2. skatoa61 Says:

    Russell James from has a fluffy? raw bread. It’s still very dense, kinda spongy, but not like this flat bread.

  3. skatoa61 Says:

    Can’t exactly rip it out, it’s a? rental house.

  4. Atman179 Says:

    I notice she still has a microwave and? oven in the kitchen boooooo

  5. GardeningInTheRAW Says:

    it looks good, I just wish someone could come up with a fluffy raw? bread.

  6. integritysis Says:

    Really interesting – awaiting delivery of my Excalibur and will definitely try this? recipe. Thank you 🙂

  7. spockywa Says:

    This looks really good! ? Thanks for sharing it.

  8. poojkhgf Says:

    Do you think we all have access to dryers? i will try putting them in a warmed over for half? hour.

  9. Varonesa9193 Says:

    awesome,I? will try it