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Recipe for Perfect Fish (Grill-Smoked Salmon)

Posted on 12 August 2012 by admin     

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Pitmaster/Owner John Stage demonstrates the recipe for “Grill-Smoked Salmon.” Swallow your fear of failing at fish on the grill and learn how to prepare a delicious paste for a meal you’ll be proud of. Recipe follows at end! Subscribe to Tasted: Get more Dude Food: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+:

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  1. Rubenmon1 Says:

    Damn, when I get some beach house, def. gonna cook this stuff outside.?

  2. CTfxCFTWdotcom Says:

    Can you do a burger? recipe

  3. jarael brooks Says:

    My mouth watered? for a good minute there.

  4. skeeterpeters Says:

    i dont want to? know anything

  5. finbeard Says:

    give us more dude food! john stage rules!?

  6. stuijn1 Says:

    I like this guy. I want to see more than just 4? vids.

  7. 55vadamee Says:

    Is there a Dude Food channel? I really only look at Tasted? for the Dude Food segments.

  8. Cedric Rambert Says:

    Great recipe turned out awesome

  9. Brendan Hodgens Says:

    You sir, are my food? hero.