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Sanjha Gosht

Posted on 08 May 2012 by Aparna Lenka     

Ingredients :

200gm Mutton with bones/ of your choice boiled
Mutton stock
50gm vegetables of your choice
6- 8 green chillies
2 medium size onions
8-10 cloves of garlic
Ginger small
2 tbs oil
1 lemon juice
1 bunch coriander leaves
1pinch sugar
Salt according to taste

Method :

In a pan boil water. As it starts boiling add the boiled pieces of mutton.
In another pan blanch the vegetables. Add the stock into the mutton.
As it starts boiling add a pinch of sugar, finely chopped onions, lemon juice and salt.
In a pan heat oil and fry chopped garlic and ginger. Now add the blanched vegetables,
coriander stems, green chillies into the mutton and season it with ginger and garlic.
Garnish it with chopped corriander leaves,onion-rings and sliced lemon.
Serve hot with bread

Note: Insted of mutton you can also use chicken

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