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Posted on 30 May 2011 by admin Ingredients: 1 packet dried French Onion soup 1 kg beef mince 1 cup cornflake crumbs 1 egg 1/4 cup ketchup 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce 1 tsp mustard powder 1/4 cup water salt & pepper to season ENJOY! ~ Nicko Intro theme to Nicko’s Kitchen is from TwistedTime01 Music from Nicko’s Kitchen is from Used with permission

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  1. XT873 Says:

    @MightyTriby Then just add one more egg. Nicko’s right: You are a bad cook.

  2. JVL8701 Says:

    @robjnixon if you take pride in your cooking u wud never say wht u have said to him. he express his dissatisfaction abt ur recipe. dont make a fool out of ur self, u sound very arrogant.

  3. kadensgrandpa08 Says:

    Well done mate, wide egg noodle pasta was made with this. My 4 yr old grandson loved it. Just added some fresh parm cheese. and he was happy THANK YOU CHEF

  4. CrAzYcArNiE08 Says:

    Tomato Ketchup… gissssshhhhhhh. :p

  5. CrAzYcArNiE08 Says:

    @MightyTriby You probably used to lean of a ground beef.

  6. elijahpryor Says:

    there’s more filling in that beef than a taco bell burrito

  7. majicmonstar Says:

    OMG!! YUMMO!! I ended up swapping the mustard powder for curry powder tho cause I couldn’t find my mustard powder…… but regardless it was an absolute treat! Thanks for another fantastic recipe! 🙂

  8. PikiPooAngel Says:

    @robjnixon hell yeah nicko!! you tell ’em!!!!!

  9. TheIceGolem97 Says:

    @robjnixon :

    make that 79 that will be subbing

  10. TheIceGolem97 Says:

    @MightyTriby :

    did it the way nicko did it and they were perfect, maybe you used only your shit and trash and because you can’t even make a sandwich you screaming at the guy who made the recipe because he cant even make it right

    and really? unsubing? if that’s the worst you can do, well, grow a pair

  11. ichigo14hell Says:

    Niko I have a request for you. I know this is a sweet, but I’m requesting a cake . Its an Apple Harvest Pound Cake with Caramel Glaze. Can you please make this?

  12. dragnorock2 Says:

    “grab your hands”
    Oh okay, but how??

  13. DblSwrdUser Says:

    @MightyTriby failing doesnt make one a failure but one is a failure when one starts blaming others and guess what, u fail not nicko

  14. KRequestrian Says:

    Nicko you are THE MAN! Absolutely love your work, I have subscribed, keep the videos coming, we love them at our house 🙂 xx

  15. specialworks10 Says:

    nikko, when you say cornflakes, you mean that cereal? just crunched up?

  16. freddygotfingered23 Says:

    @robjnixon *you’re

  17. oXxTranceAddictxXo Says:

    I live in salisbury 😛 hahaa

  18. josipis Says:

    Make a blooming onion 🙂

  19. clairebear0713 Says:

    Auwwesum! Love it! I will make this!
    But I have to say…
    Nikko, pls vary your commentary alittle more. It would make better vids.
    All too common phrases:
    “let’s get staaated”
    “let’s get dug-in-to-this bad boy”
    “_____ bad boy”

    Go ahead! Surprise us! Pause when you’re about to “get stuck into your___insert word here___”. -really naughty boy?? Lol

  20. codaassasin Says:

    Will you make some sexy Aussie crepes please?

  21. josmasterofvideos Says:

    Could you make a (How we call it in The Netherlands) “Kroket”

  22. nickyb2u Says:

    @MightyTriby u have to be smart enough to know its not Nicko’s fault it didn’t turn out. its could be a rang of issues from heat stove top to stove top r not all the same. elevation is pry the bigger factor the quality of ingredients and the experience to know alot of recipes need altering do to these and other reasons so if u thought it needed more water y didn’t u just add some plus he said the french onion soup was optional

  23. Dodgibishi Says:

    Hello Nicko!!

    I just want to say they look great those steaks.
    How many does it serve?

    Greetings from Denmark.

  24. venuecam Says:

    @robjnixon you really didn’t need to reply to that a**hole. No offence to you and your cooking nicko but if that guy relies on a video recipie to cook something for his family he must be pretty unco and many other things as well.

  25. MnM2324 Says:

    can you make anything with teriyaki


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