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Posted on 02 September 2011 by admin     

A great looking fish supper that can be prepared ahead and baked off when required. perfect for dinner parties… it’s simple, tasty and showy. Served with a white wine cream sauce and some beautifully seasonal asparagus. Get the Recipe Follow us on Facebook Check out the books

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  1. HungryForPerfectionx Says:

    Hi, I Really Want To Make This For My Family But I Don’t Have Any Spinach and no one really likes it so could I use something else ? Love Your Recipes Btw x

  2. feitocomfruta Says:

    @muzzyissoawesome @imaginedrama2 Depending on how long it cooks, the alcohol will cook out, but I’d imagine that you could use a fish stock or a chicken stock for a replacement.

  3. feitocomfruta Says:

    RE: woody asparagus ends, I heard that if you save them, they work wonderfully as the base for a cream of asparagus soup, because you blitz them down to a puree.

  4. TheSingerseven Says:

    @mathykitty Uhhhh not when you’re eating meat at the same meal. I used Tofutti cream cheese!

  5. jellyybeanyy Says:

    made this last night and everyone LOVED it!! 😀 brilliant recipe and will definatly make some more 🙂

  6. eamanemiriel Says:

    I just made this, and it’s pretty awesome!!!

    Thank you!


  7. felixStuff Says:

    those two guys are totally obsolescent

  8. muzzyissoawesome Says:


  9. imaginedrama2 Says:

    can we fry the onions without white wine? cause its against my religion’s law to eat or drink anything that has whit wine in it

  10. KittyMeat3 Says:

    I don’t like asparagus 🙁 LLooks good though! And not too hard 😉 Hopefully

  11. sortedfood Says:

    @xxiloveitallxx clever use of leftovers! 😀

  12. xxiloveitallxx Says:

    just discovered, if you make too much of this sauce, it makes a really nice stroganoff base 🙂

  13. muzzyissoawesome Says:

    can you subsitute the white wine?

  14. wuykelly Says:

    Could I use fresh spinach instead of frozen spinach? It looks great by the way! 🙂

  15. vivianar Says:

    that looks soooo yummy!!

  16. AQWorldsFan123 Says:

    @LinniPanda Just buy ready-made puff pastry at the Frozen foods isle in your supermarket.

  17. LinniPanda Says:

    can you guys get me a recipe for the dough?

  18. ipwnyoudiehaha Says:


  19. sortedfood Says:

    @deppwaswho sorry… we had a little problem with the edit… all good to go now! 😀

  20. deppwaswho Says:

    sorted! you’re quiche video is privated! please unprivate it 🙁 i can’t watch it and i’m desperate to!

  21. danJmcneil Says:

    Can you make Souffle’s :))) Chocolate please

  22. AQWorldsFan123 Says:

    @sortedfood Ok. Thanks! No tuna, noted. 🙂

  23. sortedfood Says:

    @AQWorldsFan123 any fish that you like would work… although tuna tends to dry out if over-cooked. Not ideal for this dish… but white fleshed fish would be great!

  24. AQWorldsFan123 Says:

    Can we do this recipe with other types of fish as I am not a big fan of salmon. Maybe tuna, or a white-fleshed fish? Pls reply! 🙂

  25. GOREjess123 Says:

    when you said to add loads of pepper didn’t you pick up the salt grinder? lol =P looks yummy tho! x


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