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Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon Cheese and Chives by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 10 August 2012 by admin     

Potatoes make a great side dish for most anything you’re cooking up on the grill, and this recipe is no exception. Hell, even a Vegematic will cheat to get a taste of this classic potato dish, bacon included! And it’s real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. Yadimom82 Says:

    U got a? new subscriber!

  2. LaoGrow Says:

    have u ever tried this with the onions caremelized first? that sounds like it would take this up another notch, and this is already? making me gape lol

  3. Msshimyra Says:

    Luv it omg thats looks delicious and funny he took off? with the plate!!!!!

  4. toxicwaste08300 Says:

    i think im going to make some of this for my? birthday

  5. DanNV100 Says:


  6. itsponskansfry Says:

    I think I’ve been watching too many of these? videos, because I started thumbs upping back at him D:!

  7. sp525f Says:

    My stomach is making noise! Yum!!!! So going to try? this!!!

  8. geelow4321 Says:

    I was one of the people thinking shit i can cook this on stove till i saw you with them chops right next to this dish…dam? gonna have to fire up my green egg tomm

  9. Becca7301 Says:

    First thing my husband said was “Baby you have to see this!!!” Second thing my husband said was “Baby I know you’re lactose intolerant, BUT LOOK AT THAT!!! You know we? have to try that!!” And I have to agree. That look so good, I’m drooling all over the keyboard! I can’t wait to try this. Some things are worth suffering for. LOL

  10. Ecogrill Says:

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  11. MissEmoPunkRocker Says:


  12. unionrdr Says:

    I figure this scalloped potato recipe? will go great with those pork bacon rolls for the forth of July! Add some roasted corn & ooooh baby! Makin mr hungry just thinkin about it. Thanks for all the good times. You guys are funny,but do a great job with your collective imaginations.

  13. SirShello Says:

    Scho so…? Bim Grillbiere chömer no viel vode Amis lerne 😉

  14. po3tik1 Says:

    man that? looks GUD!

    also the end part was classic 😀

  15. bullsnutsoz Says:

    yeah and? Aussies reckon it was great too!

  16. toneduke Says:

    Love the responses from foreign countries ….welcome all! Just jealous of those? who have fresh ingredients all year with me fresh is three months

  17. johnwyatt27 Says:

    You guys have some Amazing videos really enjoy watching Iv tryed this one an it is Nothing? less thank Awesomeness, People try it…Will make ur toung slap ur eyes out!!! One question lol whats the song at 3:05? lol

  18. TheJumpShot1 Says:

    ja dschwiiz het halt? leider nöd sone geili und baconriichi grillkultur:)

  19. thewewet Says:

    i will? try it soonn’s look GUUD!!…

  20. Tishraj33 Says:

    Hello from the small island Mauritius. BBQ is a tradition in my family and the BBQ pit boys just makes it? better with those tasty recipes!Keep it up guys!!

  21. Misswoo901 Says:

    I agree it? is TORTURE!!

  22. MetalsirenIXI Says:

    Every episode is TORTURE!!! I just want to try? it!

  23. AmanoKei Says:

    i fcking love those recipes!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR THIS CHEESE AND BACON EVERYWHERE! uh, damn i’m? so hungry now:D

  24. msCookieCrumbz Says:

    OMG love it, I think im gonna try this Memorial Day!!!?

  25. HATREDSRISE666 Says:

    u guys are? seriously KING OF THE GRILL!!!