Sesame-Miso Vegan Dip Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Posted on 25 April 2011 by admin     

Recipe: This vegan dip recipe is based on miso, which is a fermented soybean paste, and flavored with toasted sesame oil. It makes a great dip for vegetables or spring rolls, or can be used as a salad dressing. What do you think?

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  1. healthyvegan Says:

    @mondkindes mmmm! one of my favorite uses…… some fresh chopped green onions go really nicely with the steamed greens & this sauce

  2. mondkindes Says:

    This is such a delicious recipe! I just whipped some up and can’t wait to pour it over some steamed greens.

  3. Lastwish32 Says:

    If you are A blood type the carb that you mention is beneficial for us.

  4. healthyvegan Says:

    @ashleynikk09 thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll try that next time – I think this was the longest I’ve let a piece of ginger sit without eating it!!

  5. ashleynikk09 Says:

    Just a little tip – u can keep ginger in the freezer ( in a bag or something) and it will keep for a very long time – I’ve never had any go bad – and it’s actually easy to grate when its frozen – and after it’s grated if u wanted the juice u could let the pulp thaw for a bit and it will be very juicy and flavourful

  6. InvisiMan2006 Says:

    @healthyvegan Big chunk of apple? LOL What a treat!

  7. healthyvegan Says:

    @ixkey thanks 🙂

  8. healthyvegan Says:

    @Deseonfire yeah, I’ve tried that before, works well on fresh pieces. I think this piece was too old and wrinkly for it though… 😉

  9. healthyvegan Says:

    @InvisiMan2006 love omega 🙂 yeah, that’s what I was thinking… sometimes I get a big chunk of apple at the bottom 😉

  10. ixkey Says:

    Good morning, Heather! This show is awesome!

  11. Deseonfire Says:

    If you want to peel your ginger without taking everything off use a spoon, works well. This dip looks very good, I’ll have to find some miso paste. =)

  12. InvisiMan2006 Says:

    I use that brand of Apple Cider Vinegar. The “mother” is residue left by enzymes. Not sure if the mother is particularly important, but having the ACV unpasteurized means that you’ll be getting some beneficial bacteria with it 🙂


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