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SF Bartenders BAM! Entry #1 – Adam 5100 for 330 Ritch

Posted on 13 October 2010 by admin     

San Francisco artist and 330 Ritch bartender, Adam 5100 Directed by Miles P, created this video of how they make a divine BAM! – by just praying for it. Help Adam and Miles win $1000, an Argo 150cc scooter and a profile in The Tasting Panel Magazine by sharing this video now with your friends.

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  1. bombshell56 Says:

    Mr. 5100 is my favorite bartender/artist!

  2. theochos Says:

    very nicely done!!! 🙂

  3. jmizz77 Says:

    What an awesome video!

  4. lucydeecy Says:

    u r cute


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