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Smoke Roasted Chicken Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 16 October 2012 by admin     

Watch one of the BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to barbecue chicken “low and slow” and keep it tender and juicy! Ingredients: 2 5-6lb. Roasting Chickens Olive Oil or Butter Soy Sauce Black Pepper Coat the chickens with equal parts oil/butter, and Soy Sauce. BBQ on your smoker, or with indirect heat on your covered grill at 250f for about 4-5 hours, or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 180f. You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at —

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  1. bobwatters Says:

    haha hell yea me? too!

  2. sargetech Says:

    I would? have scrapped that skin of those grates and ate it PDQ!!!

  3. sargetech Says:

    When you pulled those chickens off the smoker, my mouth watered so much, I had to use a bucket between my feet!? They look “STUPID GOOD!!! Great job, thanks for posting! 😉

  4. ?? ?? Says:


  5. squange20 Says:

    Hi, just love your videos. We purchased? a tall squareish smoker/griller but when we saw a Weber type one, we bought that too, so will now try all the recipes. I was just wondering if you could show us how to cold smoke salmon in this type of smoker. Thanks in anticipation.

  6. Stan Murray Says:

    Yuppity, all your videos are brilliant!

    The only slight niggilidy problem is- smoking introduces polyphenol carcinogens so —

    But it does smelll GuDDD!?

  7. eosrk Says:

    for Labor Day, I’ma smoke? a turkey…or two

  8. earl973 Says:

    dang nice? birds

  9. wrathchild11 Says:

    A little? “retro” BBQ pit boys!!!!!

  10. OUWATZAHLE08 Says:

    thing have turned in to cloves and stuff 🙂 nice clean? 🙂

  11. BarbecueWeb Says:

    don’t? cry, bobby. there’s a ton of “low and slow” chicken juice to go around…! lol -BBQ Pit Boys

  12. bobwatters Says:

    i cried a little when i saw the skin on bottom stick to the grill and the juice start to drip… still looked good? as hell though!

  13. oXxLOUDOGxXo Says:

    lmao this guy’s cool as fuck! Great vid bro!?

  14. otakurave Says:

    Hmm it’s 3am and I feel the? same way, are you me in the future?

  15. hamieh1 Says:

    ill put a? like bec your gloves in hand …

  16. jojoc197 Says:

    @TheGrinder9 way to? make a perfectly good video perverted!

  17. TheGrinder9 Says:

    not very observant are ya, 275-300 degrees. Then again i cant blame you for being distracted, if i was by myself id have my cock out? beating off to his porno voice, mmmmm nice and juicy

  18. doright36 Says:

    what’s the temp that your? cooking/smoking those birds?

  19. Diekroh Says:

    i’ m hungry now! Is this what you want?
    Please can you make a Video about Juicy Lucy Burgers? !!

  20. Lilpiecesofmnmz Says:

    Goddamn those are some good? looking steaks.

  21. Metayounis Says:

    Derp? aduuurrr, baderpderp derpitty derp.

    You talk like that.

  22. Doraebube Says:

    there is something abt his voice… the way he describes it and the music… mmmmm… now? i love that husky voice…

  23. blogegog Says:

    Those are the biggest chickens I’ve? ever seen! If you would have called them turkeys, I’d have believed it.

  24. cherrygurl592 Says:

    Man! U smell dat? Naw but I’m so hungry at 3am.?