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Smoked Bacon Steak Kabobs Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 07 September 2011 by admin     

Spelled Kabobs or Kebabs, either way these Beef Steak and Smoked Bacon skewers are real good eating at home, at the family picnic, or at the tailgating party, so be sure to grill up a bunch on the ol’ barbecue. And, not only will these be a fav at your next food feast, but they’re easy to make, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. dietoxic Says:

    24 people burned the Kabobs on the grill

  2. pnoytagger84 Says:

    O_O “O HELLS NO!!!”

  3. gamefreak1238 Says:

    12:04 LMAO

  4. blindinglights02 Says:

    im starving lol

  5. nebulae10 Says:

    you guys are good!!

  6. yugai Says:

    wow, i am quite impressed. good job guys, great video. that ?i? kebab looks really delicious, but of course we don’t use bacon in our kebabs here. i find that little american touch very amusing. and we use tomato and green hot pepper in our kebabs. i also like narrator’s voice and his accent. in the end, it is always enjoyable to eat a ?i? kebab. greetings from Turkey. ^_^

  7. georgerd21 Says:

    Best one

  8. wendeldickau1 Says:

    Bacon is the answer for world peace! All we need to do is share this and we could all get along, except for the guy stealing at the end.

  9. parttimeuser Says:

    For my kabobs I use olive oil, fresh garlic, SOY sauce, and worc sauce. I marinate the big chunks of vegetables in there too. Yum!

  10. PowerRespctRM Says:

    “man that smells GUD”

  11. acevamp Says:

    BBQ Pit Boys’ videos are very instructional and entertaining, thanks for posting these cool videos. I can’t help but get the munchies everytime I watch these videos. By the way what state is The Pit located in? I think I see some snow on the ground by the grill.

  12. evelynlovessaul Says:

    im only 2 minutes into the video and my mouths all ready watering

  13. momothebored Says:

    How the HELL does anyone dislike a video like this??????
    Are they eunuch vegans??? 😮

  14. localcrew Says:

    You had me at “Bacon”.

  15. OrogDeMalfur Says:

    oh man can u guys cook a moose burger cuz i got some moose hamburger and churizo and i have no idea how to cook it

  16. ZoidsGenoHydra Says:

    I love to grill out The bbq pit boys know how to get it done right 😀

  17. stiffy225 Says:

    i made it and it was so good i put mushrooms and shrimp in mine but was amazing

  18. oceantrolls73 Says:

    that is the best looking piece of steak i have ever seen!… WOW…
    thanks for the awesome vid!

  19. pacificyellowmermaid Says:

    you guys have duck grill videos too?

  20. MadinaAfg94 Says:

    u use the same knife for the meat and the vegetable.. thats dangerous maaan!!

  21. bobblegumspark Says:

    you are the master!!!! It looks soooooo good!! Im planning a bbq party for my husbands b-day I hope that by watching your video over and over again my will come out as good as yours

  22. SuMoN91 Says:

    Ohhh Man Damn, every time i get Water in my Mouth 😀

  23. bbenfield1970 Says:

    great recipe- i’ve added some cut up roma tomatoes to the kabobs and man-it’s good. i’m a man that cooks on the grill 5 to 6 days a week- trying to learn more and more about that good cooking. get yourself a grill and beer —-slow down and cook. don’t even have to have a big one– got a little webber from a guy that didn’t even know what he had. 8 years and going strong. thanks -gotta go cook

  24. marcy81ful Says:


  25. daveh013 Says:

    @LinkMyBoy Aint you the people who got over run by rabbits and frogs!?!

    Here in America where there’s a will theres a way and we’ll grill that bunny even in a city apartment with green legs as a side!

    Of course I do love my tweeked Silver Smoker and Charbroil Grill Master. Hell even the back yard Home Decor firepit works with some foil and cans.


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